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Variable selection for discriminating herbal medicines with chromatographic fingerprintsGong, F; Wang, BT; Liang, YZ; Chau, FT; Fung, YS2006149
Melatonin reduces infarction volume in a photothrombotic stroke model in the wild-type but not cyclooxygenase-1-gene knockout miceLiang, YZ; Cheung, RTF; Liu, S; Li, G; Huang, L2006133
Determination of volatile components in ginger using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with resolution improved by data processing techniquesGong, F; Fung, YS; Liang, YZ2004152
Correction of retention time shifts for chromatographic fingerprints of herbal medicinesGong, F; Liang, YZ; Fung, YS; Chau, FT2004153
Analysis of volatile components from Cortex cinnamomi with hyphenated chromatography and chemometric resolutionGong, F; Liang, YZ; Fung, YS2004147
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