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Which is the preferred revision technique for loosened iliac screw? A novel technique of boring cement injection from the outer cortical shellYu, BS; Yang, ZK; Li, ZM; Zeng, LW; Wang, LB; Lu, WW201161
Dendrobium candidum extract increases the expression of aquaporin-5 in labial glands from patients with Sjögren's syndromeXiao, L; Ng, TB; Feng, YB; Yao, T; Wong, JH; Yao, RM; Li, L; Mo, FZ; Xiao, Y; Shaw, PC; Li, ZM; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY2011224
Biomechanical effects of insertion location and bone cement augmentation on the anchoring strength of iliac screwYu, BS; Li, ZM; Zhou, ZY; Zeng, LW; Wang, LB; Zheng, ZM; Lu, WW201169
Biomechanical effects of the extent of sacrectomy on the stability of lumbo-iliac reconstruction using iliac screw techniques: What level of sacrectomy requires the bilateral dual iliac screw technique?Yu, BS; Zhuang, XM; Li, ZM; Zheng, ZM; Zhou, ZY; Zou, XN; Lu, WW2010144
Biomechanical advantages of dual over single iliac screws in lumbo-iliac fixation constructYu, BS; Zhuang, XM; Zheng, ZM; Li, ZM; Wang, TP; Lu, WW2010122
Biomechanical comparison of 4 fixation techniques of sacral pedicle screw in osteoporotic conditionYu, BS; Zhuang, XM; Zheng, ZM; Zhang, JF; Li, ZM; Lu, WW2010502
Available transfer capability calculation with post-contingency generation rescheduling/load curtailmentLi, WX; Li, ZM; Ni, YX; Wu, FF2003366
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