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Effectiveness of 3 surgical decompression strategies for treatment of multilevel cervical myelopathy in 3 spinal centers in China: A retrospective studyWen, SF; Wong, IOL; Long, MJ; Li, JG; Li, XF; Guo, DM; Xu, ZH; Yin, QS201282
Explicit hypoxia targeting with tumor suppression by creating an "obligate" anaerobic Salmonella Typhimurium strainYu, B; Yang, M; Shi, L; Yao, YD; Jiang, QQ; Li, XF; Tang, LH; Zheng, B; Yuen, KY; Smith, DK; Song, EW; Huang, J2012106
Human cytomegalovirus inhibited megakaryocytic differentiation, maturation and induced apoptosis in vitroChen, JL; Chan, GCF; Ye, JY; He, ZX; Wang, QW; Pan, SN; Li, XF; Deng, RX; Yang, M2009118
Multi-planar bending properties of lumbar intervertebral joints following cyclic bendingChow, DHK; Luk, KDK; Holmes, AD; Li, XF; Tam, SCW200475
Origin of a large breccia-vein system in the Sanerlin uranium deposit, Southern China: A reinterpretationLi, JW; Zhou, MF; Li, XF; Li, ZJ; Fu, ZR2002152
The Hunan-Jiangxi strike-slip fault system in Southern China: Southern termination of the Tan-Lu faultLi, JW; Zhou, MF; Li, XF; Fu, ZR; Li, ZJ200174
The Hunan-Jiangxi Strike Slip Fault System (Southern China): South extension of The Tancheng-Lujiang FaultLi, JW; Zhou, MF; Li, XF; Fu, Z; Li, Z200091
A Large Quartz-Dominated Uranium breccia-vein System at the Jinyinzhai Deposit, South ChinaLi, JW; Zhou, MF; Li, Z; Li, XF2000103
A new experimental approach for quantifying cumulative damage induced in the lumbar spine by repeated multi-planar bending using porcine specimensChow, DHK; Tam, SCW; Li, XF; Luk, KDK199766
A new approach for comparing damage induced in the lumbar spine by repeated multi-planar bendingChow, DHK; Tam, SCW; Li, XF; Luk, KDK199761
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