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Masquelet Technique for Treatment of Posttraumatic Bone DefectsWong, TM; Lau, TW; Li, X; Fang, CX; Yeung, KWK; Leung, FKL201421
The effect of an NgR1 antagonist on the neuroprotection of cortical axons after cortical infarction in ratsZhan, H; Sun, SJ; Cai, J; Li, YQ; Hu, CL; Lee, DHS; So, KF; Li, X201337
Association between adverse clinical outcome in human disease caused by novel influenza A H7N9 virus and sustained viral shedding and emergence of antiviral resistanceHu, Y; Lu, S; Song, Z; Wang, W; Hao, P; Li, J; Zhang, X; Yen, H; Shi, B; Li, T; Guan, W; Xu, L; Liu, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Tian, D; Zhu, Z; He, J; Huang, K; Chen, H; Zheng, L; Li, X; Ping, J; Kang, B; Xi, X; Zha, L; Li, Y; Zhang, Z; Peiris, JSM; Yuan, Z201371
Intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging: comparison of diffusion and perfusion characteristics between nasopharyngeal carcinoma and post-chemoradiation fibrosisLai, V; Li, X; Lee, VHF; Lam, KO; Chan, Q; Khong, PL201398
Genome-Wide Association Study of Retinopathy in Individuals without DiabetesJensen, RA; Sim, X; Li, X; Cotch, MF; Ikram, MK; Holliday, EG; Eiriksdottir, G; Harris, TB; Jonasson, F; Klein, BEK; Launer, LJ; Smith, AV; Boerwinkle, E; Cheung, N; Hewitt, AW; Liew, G; Mitchell, P; Wang, JJ; Attia, J; Scott, R; Glazer, NL; Lumley, T; Mcknight, B; Psaty, BM; Taylor, K; Hofman, A; De Jong, PTVM; Rivadeneira, F; Uitterlinden, AG; Tay, WT; Teo, YY; Seielstad, M; Liu, J; Cheng, CY; Saw, SM; Aung, T; Ganesh, SK; O'donnell, CJ; Nalls, MA; Wiggins, KL; Kuo, JZ; Van Duijn, CM; Gudnason, V; Klein, R; Siscovick, DS; Rotter, JI; Tai, ES; Vingerling, J; Wong, TY201378
The evolution of policies and practices for China’s ethnic minority access to Higher EducationLi, X; Postiglione, GA201330
Use of intravoxel incoherent motion magnetic resonance imaging in differentiation between recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma and post-chemoradiation fibrosis: initial experienceLai, V; Li, X; Lee, VHF; Lam, KO; Chan, Q; Khong, PL201341
Treatment effectiveness of two syntactic treatment approaches.To, KS; Lui, HM; Li, X; Lam, YH201330
Comparison of magnetic-geared permanent-magnet machinesLi, X; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Hua, W201331
Adiponectin mediates the metabolic effects of FGF21 on glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity in miceLin, Z; Tian, H; Lam, KSL; Lin, S; Hoo, RLC; Konishi, M; Itoh, N; Wang, Y; Bomstein, SR; Xu, A; Li, X201370
Effects of proteoliposome composition and draw solution types on separation performance of aquaporin-based proteoliposomes: Implications for seawater desalination using aquaporin-based biomimetic membranesZhao, Y; Vararattanavech, A; Li, X; Hélixnielsen, C; Vissing, T; Torres, J; Wang, R; Fane, AG; Tang, CY201352
Local computation of curve interpolation knots with quadratic precisionZhang, C; Wang, W; Wang, J; Li, X2013149
N-terminus of desmin controls its retrograde transportation in differentiating myoblast cellsWang, Z; Xue, WQ; Lin, R; Li, X; Cui, J; Huang, J201348
Tooth loss and vascular cognitive impairment in acute stroke patientsZhu, J; Li, X; Zhu, F; Zhang, C; McGrath, CPJ; Jin, L201342
Mandarin Tone Perception in Cantonese Children.Li, X; To, KS201322
The effect of human mesenchymal stem cell on cigarette smoke-induced alterations of cardiac function and lipid metabolism in ratLiang, YM; Li, X; Zhang, Y; Ip, MSM; Tse, HF; Lian, Q; Mak, JCW201340
Kif5b controls the localization of myofibril components for their assembly and linkage to the myotendinous junctionsWang, Z; Cui, J; Wong, WM; Li, X; Xue, W; Lin, R; Wang, J; Wang, P; Tanner, JA; Cheah, KSE; Wu, W; Huang, J201390
Pazopanib (Paz) monotherapy in Asian women who have not progressed after first-line chemotherapy for advanced ovarian, Fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal carcinomaZang, R; Wu, L; Zhu, J; Kong, B; Kim, BG; Yao, Y; Yin, R; Liu, J; Wu, Q; Ngan, HYS; Xie, X; Wang, KL; Li, X; Yen, MS; Wei, L; Wang, Q; Mitrica, I; Carpenter, C; Zhang , P201320
Periodontal therapy decreases serum levels of adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein in systemically healthy subjects: a pilot clinical trialLi, X; Tse, HF; Yiu, KH; Zhang, C; Jin, L201347
Endodontic bacteria from primary and persistent endodontic lesions in Chinese patients as identified by cloning and 16S ribosomal DNA gene sequencingLi, X; Zhu, XF; Zhang, C; Catho, PP; Seneviratne, CJ; SHEN, SH201353
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