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Interpreting differences in patterns of supportive care needs between patients with breast cancer and patients with colorectal cancerLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Au, AHY; Ye, M; Law, WL; Poon, J; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Tsang, J; Girgis, A; Fielding, R2013209
Trajectories of body image and sexuality during the first year following diagnosis of breast cancer and their relationship to 6 years psychosocial outcomesLam, WWT; Li, WWY; Bonanno, GA; Mancini, AD; Chan, M; Or, A; Fielding, R2012169
Changes in psychological distress among Chinese patients newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer: A longitudinal studyLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Law, WL; Poon, J; Fielding, R201254
Waiting to see the doctor: Understanding appraisal and utilization components of consultation delay for new breast symptoms in Chinese womenLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Wong, JHF; Chiu, A; Chan, M; Or, A; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Chan, SWW; Fielding, R2012144
Patterns of changes in body image and sexuality among Chinese women diagnosed with breast cancerLam, WWT; Li, WWY; Chan, M; Or, A; Fielding, R201163
Interpreting patterns in supportive care needs between breast and colorectal cancersLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Law, WL; Poon, JTC; Kwong, A; Suen, DTK; Fielding, R201170
Understanding how and why Chinese women seek medical help for symptomatic breast cancerLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Chan, M; Or, A; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Chan, S; Fielding, R2010120
Care for Chinese Families with Patients facing Impending Death: Nurses' PerspectiveChow, AYM; Lo, JSF; Li, WWY; Lai, CYY200585
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