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Complex impedance with transmission line model and complex capacitance analysis of ion transport and accumulation in hierarchical core-shell porous carbonsYang, C; Li, VCY; Li, F; Chan, KY201354
High efficiency vanadium-metal hydride hybrid flow battery: importance in ion transport and membrane selectivityWeng, G; Li, VCY; Chan, KY201386
High voltage vanadium-metal hydride rechargeable semi-flow batteryWeng, GM; Li, VCY; Chan, KY201351
Lithium titanate prepared from mesoporous TiO2 fiber as anode material for lithium Ion batteriesTing, SW; Yang, Z; Li, VCY; Zhuang, W; Yao, W; Lu, X; Chan, KY201255
Lead acid-NiMH hybrid battery system using gel electrolyteWeng, G; Li, VCY; Chan, KY2012121
Exploring the role of ionic interfaces of the high voltage lead acid-metal hydride hybrid batteryWeng, G; Li, VCY; Chan, KY201234
Structural and electrochemical studies of mesoporous Li4Ti5O12-TiO2 composite spheres as anode material for lithium ion batteriesTing, SW; Li, VCY; Chan, KY201239
Electrochemical Energy Storage System: high voltage multiple electrolyte electrochemical power sourcesWeng, G; Li, H; Li, VCY; Chan, GKY201165
High voltage hybrid batteries with gel electrolytesWeng, G; Li, VCY; Chan, GKY2011101
Lead acid-NiMH hybrid battery system using gel electrolyteLi, VCY; Weng, G; Chan, KY2011105
Lead acid hybrid batteries of differential ionic interfacesLi, VCY; Weng, G; Li, H; Chan, KY2011127
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