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TaiwanChao, A; Law, CK; Li, PC; Yip, PSF2008109
Strain Compounding: Improvement in Contour Extraction of Ultrasonic Breast ImagingLee, WN; Li, PC200372
High-Dose Pulse Versus Nonpulse Corticosteroid Regimens in Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeHo, JC; Ooi, GC; Mok, TY; Chan, JW; Hung, I; Lam, B; Wong, PC; Li, PC; Ho, PL; Lam, WK; Ng, CK; Ip, MS; Lai, KN; ChanYeung, M; Tsang, KW2003101
An efficient speckle tracking algorithm for ultrasonic imagingLi, PC; Lee, WN200259
Universal antenatal human immunodeficiency virus testing in Hong Kong: consensus statement.Ho, PL; Chan, KC; Chiu, SS; Lam, TH; Lau, YL; Lee, CP; Lee, SS; Li, PC; Lim, W; Lo, WL; Morais, MM; Ng, MH; Thisyakorn, U; Tso, HW; Wang, TK2001231
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