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Integrative approach for omic data analysis and gene regulatory network constructionQin, J; Li, MJ; Wang, P; Wang, JJ201271
Genetic variant representation, annotation and prioritization in the post-GWAS eraLi, MJ; Sham, PC; Wang, J2012105
New ruthenium(II) complexes functionalized with coumarin derivatives: Synthesis, energy-transfer-based sensing of esterase, cytotoxicity, and imaging studiesLi, MJ; Wong, KMC; Yi, C; Yam, VWW2012173
GWASdb: A database for human genetic variants identified by genome-wide association studiesLi, MJ; Wang, P; Liu, X; Lim, EL; Wang, Z; Yeager, M; Wong, MP; Sham, PC; Chanock, SJ; Wang, J2012308
ChIP-array: gene regulation network construction from ChIP-seq/chip and mRNA expression dataQin, J; Li, MJ; Wang, P; Zhang, MQ; Wang, JJ2011126
ChIP-Array: combinatory analysis of ChIP-seq/chip and microarray gene expression data, high throughput biologyQin, J; Li, MJ; Wang, P; Zhang, MQ; Wang, JJ201176
EpiRegNet: Constructing epigenetic regulatory network from high throughput gene expression data for humansWang, LY; Wang, P; Li, MJ; Qin, J; Wang, X; Zhang, MQ; Wang, J2011140
ChIP-Array: Combinatory analysis of ChIP-seq/chip and microarray gene expression data to discover direct/indirect targets of a transcription factorQin, J; Li, MJ; Wang, P; Zhang, MQ; Wang, J2011244
FastPval: A fast and memory efficient program to calculate very low P-values from empirical distributionLi, MJ; Sham, PC; Wang, J2010145
Synthesis of Coumarin-Appended Pyridyl Tricarbonylrhenium(I) 2,2 -Bipyridyl complexes with oligoether spacer and their fluorescence resonance energy transfer studiesLi, MJ; Kwok, WM; Lam, WH; Tao, CH; Yam, VWW; David, LP2009671
Multifunctional ruthenium(II) polypyridine complex-based core-shell magnetic silica nanocomposites: Magnetism, luminescence, and electrochemiluminescenceLi, MJ; Chen, Z; Yam, VWW; Zu, Y2008157
Dissolved oxygen sensing using organometallic dyes deposited within a microfluidic environmentChen, QL; Ho, HP; Jin, L; Chu, BWK; Li, MJ; Yam, VWW2008139
Electrochemiluminescence of ruthenium(II) complexes functionalized with crown ether pendants and effects of cation bindingLi, MJ; Chen, Z; Zhu, N; Yam, VWW; Zu, Y2008169
Synthesis, structure, photophysics, electrochemistry, and ion-binding studies of ruthenium(II) 1,10-phenanthroline complexes containing thia-, selena-, and aza-crown pendantsLi, MJ; Chu, BWK; Zhu, N; Yam, VWW2007152
Functionalized rhenium(I) complexes with crown ether pendants derived from 1,10-phenanthroline: Selective sensing for metal ionsLi, MJ; Ko, CC; Duan, GP; Zhu, N; Yam, VWW200787
Synthesis, characterization, spectroscopic, and electrochemiluminescence properties of a solvatochromic azacrown-containing cyanoruthenate(II): Potential applications in separation and indirect photometric detection of cations and amino acids in HPLCLi, MJ; Chu, BWK; Yam, VWW2006129
Clustering of SNP data with application to genomicsNg, MK; Li, MJ; Ao, SI; Sham, PC; Cheung, YM; Huang, JZ200671
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