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CO2 emissions associated with hubbing activities in air transport: An international comparisonLoo, BPY; Li, L; Psaraki, V; Pagoni, I201429
Synthesis and Morphology Control of Gold/Iron oxide Magnetic Nanocomposites via a Simple Aqueous MethodLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Leung, CH; Ruotolo, A; Chan, GKY; Chan, WK; Pong, PWT2013102
Novel Hybrid Au/Fe3O4 Magnetic Octahedron-like Nanoparticles with Tunable SizeLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Leung, CH; Ruotolo, A; Chan, GKY; Chan, WK; Pong, PWT2013107
Quantitative Analysis of Hepatic Cell Morphology and Migration in Response to Nanoporous and Microgrooved Surface StructuresMak, KY; Li, L; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Shi, J; Koon, HK; Mak, SK; Chan, NMM; Pong, PWT201327
Effect of Synthesis Conditions on the Properties of Citric Acid Coated Iron Oxide NanoparticlesLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Chan, GKY; Chan, WK; Zhong, W; Pong, PWT201340
Polyphosphate regulates interleukin-11 levels of SaOS-2 cellsAO, KL; LUI, LHE; Li, L; SHUM, KT; Tanner, JA201324
FEZF2, a novel 3p14 tumour suppressor gene, represses oncogene EZH2 and MDM2 expression and is frequently methylated in nasopharyngeal carcinomaShu, XS; Li, L; Ji, MS; Cheng, Y; Ying, JK; Fan, Y; Zhong, L; Liu, X; Tsao, GSW; Chan, AT; Tao, Q201346
Effect of bi-directional microfabricated topographical cues on cellular behavior of mammalian cell lineMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201336
Synthesis of gold/iron oxide magnetic nanowires and nanospheres using sodium citrate via aqueous methodLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Chan, KY; Chan, WK; Pong, PWT201333
Inorganic polyphosphate triggers interleukin 11 production in osteoblastsTanner, JA; LUI, LHE; AO, KL; SHUM, KT; Li, L201328
Sterilization on dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles: Effects of autoclaving, filtration, UV irradiation, and ethanol treatmentLi, L; Mak, KY; Shi, J; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Mak, CSK; Chan, KY; Chan, NMM; Wu, EX; Pong, PWT2013110
The genesis and source of the H7N9 influenza viruses causing human infections in ChinaLam, TY; Wang, J; Shen, Y; Zhou, B; Duan, L; Cheung, CL; Ma, C; Lycett, SJ; Leung, CYH; Chen, X; Li, L; Hong, W; Chai, Y; Zhou, L; Liang, H; Ou, Z; Liu, Y; Farooqui, A; Kelvin, DJ; Poon, LLM; Smith, DK; Pybus, OG; Leung, GM; Shu, Y; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, JSM; Rambaut, A; Zhu, H; Guan, Y201329
Detection of 10 nm superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles using exchanged-biased GMR sensors in Wheatstone bridgeLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Ng, SM; Lei, Z; Pong, PWT201334
Analysis of effect of micro- and nano-fabricated patterns on biological systems: a flexible MATLAB-based image processing softwareMak, KY; Hui, KTH; Chan, VHF; Li, L; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Shi, J; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Pong, PWT201355
Detrital zircon record of Neoproterozoic active-margin sedimentation in the eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South ChinaWang, W; Zhou, MF; Yan, D; Li, L; Malpas, JG201332
Effect of O2-plasma treatment on nanogrooved PDMS surfaces for modulating cellular behavior of mammalian cellsMak, KY; Woo, HK; Sun, Y; Leung, CW; Du, Y; Li, L; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201339
Intermedin attenuates LPS-induced inflammation in the rat testisLi, L; Ma, P; Liu, Y; Huang, C; O, WS; Tang, F; Zhang, JV201340
Infectivity, transmission, and pathology of human-isolated H7N9 influenza virus in ferrets and pigs.Zhu, H; Wang, D; Kelvin, DJ; Li, L; Zheng, Z; Yoon, SW; Wong, SS; Farooqui, A; Wang, J; Banner, D; Chen, R; Zheng, R; ZHOU, J; Zhang, Y; Hong, W; Dong, W; Cai, Q; Roehrl, MHA; Huang, SSH; Kelvin, AA; Yao, T; Zhou, B; Chen, X; Leung, GM; Poon, LLM; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y; Shu, Y201365
Detection of 10-nm Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Exchange-Biased GMR Sensors in Wheatstone BridgeLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Ng, SM; Lei, ZQ; Pong, PWT201336
In vitro study on the combined effect of gravity and microgrooved surface topography on cellular behavior of mammalian cell line for medical implantMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201335
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