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Correlating MRI and Histologic Tumor Thickness in the Assessment of Oral Tongue CancerLam, P; AuYeung, KM; Cheng, PW; Wei, WI; Yuen, APW; TrendellSmith, N; Li, JHC; Li, R2004121
Myxofibrosarcoma of the sphenoid sinusLam, PKY; Trendell-Smith, N; Li, JHC; Fan, YW; Yuen, APW2002228
Acupuncture mycobacteriosis [6]Woo, PCY; Li, JHC; Tang, WM; Yuen, KY2001454
Clinical outcome following percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for transplant renal artery stenosesTang, S; Tso, WK; Li, JHC; Li, CL; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2000106
Interventional radiological procedures in the management of liver transplant complications (abstract)Tso, WK; Li, JHC; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Chan, FL199968
Mucinous adenocarcinoma of renal pelvis and villous adenoma of bladder after a caecal augmentation of bladderYip, SKH; Wong, MP; Cheung, MC; Li, JHC199991
Percutaneous balloon dilatation and ureteral stenting for tuberculous renal infundibular and ureteral stricturesYip, SKH; Peh, WCG; Li, JHC; Cheung, KMC199995
Balloon dilatation for the postoperative biliary and vascular stenosis in paediatric liver transplantationTso, HWK; Chan, KL; Li, JHC; Fan, ST; Chan, FL199769
Extending the limit on the size of adult recipient in living donor liver transplantation using extended right lobe graftLo, CM; Fan, ST; Liu, CL; Lo, RJW; Lau, GKK; Wei, WI; Li, JHC; Ng, IOL; Wong, J199796
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