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Ezrin interacts with the SARS coronavirus spike protein and restrains infection at the entry stageMillet, JKG; Kien, FS; Cheung, CY; Siu, YL; CHAN, WL; Li, HY; LEUNG, HL; Jaume, MDA; Bruzzone, R; Peiris, JSM; Altmeyer, RM; Nal-Rogier, BTM201228
Effects of the extract from wolfberry on the survival of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve transectionLi, HY; Chang, RCC; So, KF2011128
Acyl-CoA-binding protein 2 binds lysophospholipase 2 and lysoPC to promote tolerance to cadmium-induced oxidative stress in transgenic ArabidopsisGao, W; Li, HY; Xiao, S; Chye, ML2010290
Acyl-CoA-binding protein 2 and its protein interactors are stress-responsive proteinsGao, W; Li, HY; Xiao, S; Chye, ML201074
Protein interactors of acyl-CoA-binding protein ACBP2 mediate cadmium tolerance in arabidopsisGao, W; Li, HY; Xiao, S; Chye, ML2010189
Use of GFP to investigate expression of plant-derived vaccines.Li, HY; Chye, ML200950
Use of GFP to investigate expression of plant-derived vaccinesLi, HY; Chye, ML200956
Polymorphisms in FLNB within Chromosomal Region 3p14-25 are associated with Bone Mineral Density in Southern ChineseLi, HY; Huang, Q; Kung, AWC2009103
A -9247 Polymorphism of SOST may regulate BMD through Wnt and ER/FOXA1 Signaling PathwaysLi, HY; Huang, Q; Kung, AWC2009119
Arabidopsis thaliana acyl-CoA-binding protein ACBP2 interacts with heavy-metal-binding farnesylated protein AtFP6Gao, W; Xiao, S; Li, HY; Tsao, SW; Chye, ML200983
The promoter polymorphism -301T/C in the sclerosteosis gene that affects C/EBPα and FOXA1 binding is associated with osteoporosisHuang, Q; Li, HY; Kung, AWC2008127
Identification of osteoporosis susceptibility genes in Hong Kong ChineseHuang, Q; Li, HY; Cheung, CL; Kung, AWC200884
Prediction and experimental validation of osteoporosis susceptibility genes by computational disease gene identification strategyHuang, Q; Li, HY; Kung, AWC200888
Computational disease gene identification strategy for osteoporosis candidate genesHuang, Q; Kung, AWC; Li, HY200884
Ethylene- and pathogen-inducible Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding protein 4 interacts with an ethylene-responsive element binding proteinLi, HY; Xiao, S; Chye, ML2008268
Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding proteins ACBP4 and ACBP5 are subcellularly localized to the cytosol and ACBP4 depletion affects membrane lipid compositionXiao, S; Li, HY; Zhang, JP; Chan, SW; Chye, ML200869
Gene expression profile in colon cancer cells in response to troglitazone: impact of XIAP expressionQiao, L; Li, HY; Li, Z; Zou, B; Wong, BCY200876
Establishment and characterization of a new cell line derived from human colorectal laterally spreading tumorWang, XY; Lai, ZS; Yeung, CM; Wang, JD; Deng, W; Li, HY; Han, YJ; Kung, HF; Jiang, B; Lin, MCM2008148
Genome-wide Expression Profiling Reveals the Multiple Signaling Pathways Modulated by rAdv-hTERTC27 Treatment in Glioblastoma MultiformeLi, HY; Chau, DHW; Gao, Y; Ng, SM; Lin, MC200792
Genome-Wide Study Reveals the Signaling Pathways Modulated by Gold-1a Treatment in Hepatocellular CarcinomaLi, HY; Lum, CT; Sun, RWY; Ng, SM; Smith, DK; Yiu, SM; Che, CM; Lin, MC200798
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