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A probabilistic SVM based decision system for pain diagnosisYang, J; Li, HX; Hu, Y2011143
Production of Th1- and Th2-dependent cytokines induced by the Chinese medicine herb, Rhodiola algida, on human peripheral blood monocytesLi, HX; Sze, SCW; Tong, Y; Ng, TB2009117
Immunomodulation Induced by Chinese Medicine Herb, Rhodiola algida, on Th1- and Th2-dependent Cytokine ProductionLi, HX; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Ng, TB2009198
2009 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications, CIMSA 2009: Message from the chairsChen, Y; Alippi, C; Ruspini, E; Li, HX; Scotti, F200998
Effectiveness and safety of herbal medicines in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic reviewShi, J; Tong, Y; Shen, JG; Li, HX2008178
Discussion on the resistance property of natural ventilation induced by wind forceGong, GC; Li, HX; Nie, MQ; Xie, GX; Li, YG200495
Association between magnetic properties and element concentration of Guishan and Moshan park street dust, Wuhan City and its implicationsWang, AH; Liu, QS; Fu, YY; Li, HX; Chan, LS2003178
CaCO3 cycles in Salawusu river basin since 150 Ka B.P.Luo, KL; Li, BS; Zhu, YZ; Jin, HL; Zhang, DD; Yan, MC; Li, HX; Yao, CX; Zhang, YH200188
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