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Development of an ambient air temperature prediction modelZhang, XW; Tan, SC; Li, GJ20149
Effect of Annealing Temperature on Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of FePt capped with Ion-Beam Deposited TaOxLi, GJ; Leung, CW; Chen, YC; Sun, AC; Hsu, JH; Lai, PT; Lin, KW; Pong, PWT201341
Patterning Micro- and Nano-Structured FePt by Direct Imprint LithographyLi, GJ; Dong, Q; Xin, JZ; Leung, CW; Lai, PT; Wong, WY; Pong, PWT201328
Components Sizing Of Hybrid Energy Systems Via The Optimization Of Power Dispatch SimulationsZhang, XW; Tan, SC; Li, GJ; Li, J; Feng, ZP20139
Enhanced Structural and Magnetic Ordering of FePt/TiOx Bilayers by Ion-Beam Deposition and AnnealingLi, GJ; Leung, CW; Wu, YJ; Sun, AC; Hsu, JH; Lai, PT; Lin, KW; Pong, PWT201330
Effect of Oxygen Stoichiometry on Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of FePt/TaOx Bilayer Fabricated by Ion-Beam-Bombardment DepositionLi, GJ; Leung, CW; Cheng, Y; Hsu, J; Sun, A; Lin, K; Pong, PWT201328
Patterning of FePt for magnetic recordingLi, GJ; Leung, CW; Lei, ZQ; Lin, KW; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT2011189
Detection of iron-oxide magnetic nanoparticles using magnetic tunnel junction sensors with conetic alloyLei, ZQ; Leung, CW; Li, L; Li, GJ; Feng, G; Castillo, A; Chen, PJ; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT2011304
Magnetic tunnel junction sensors with conetic alloyLei, ZQ; Li, GJ; Egelhoff Jr, WF; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT2011479
A magnetically shielded instrument for magnetoresistance and noise characterizations of magnetic tunnel junction sensorsLei, ZQ; Li, GJ; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT; Egelhoff Jr, WF2010216
Detection of a novel and highly divergent coronavims from Asian leopard cats and Chinese ferret badgers in southern ChinaDong, BQ; Liu, W; Fan, XH; Vijaykrishna, D; Tang, X; Gao, F; Li, L; Li, GJ; Zhang, J; Yang, LQ; Poon, LLM; Zhang, SY; Peiris, JSM; Smith, GJ; Chen, H; Guan, Y200785
Protein characteristics of Chinese black-grained wheat (Abstract)Li, W; Sun, SS; Li, GJ; Corke, H1997153
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