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Induction of inflammatory and fibrotic mediators in human peritoneal mesothelial cells (HPMC) by icodextrin-based peritoneal dialysis fluidYung, SSY; Chau, KM; Yip, TPS; Li, FK; Chan, DTM2009139
Risk and outcome of peritonitis after flexible colonoscopy in CAPD patientYip, T; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Cheng, SW; Lui, SL; Tang, SCW; Li, FK; Wang, AYM; Choy, CBY; Ng, MMT; Chan, DTM; Lai, KN; Lo, WK2006157
Comparison of atorvastatin and simvastatin in the long-term treatment of hyperlipidemia after kidney transplantationTse, KC; Yao, Q; Yip, PS; Lam, MF; Li, FK; Lai, KN; Chan, TM2006129
Peritoneal mesothelial cell culture and biologyYung, S; Li, FK; Chan, TM200664
Risk factors and outcomes of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing E. coli peritonitis in CAPD patientsYip, T; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Tang, S; Li, FK; Choy, BY; Lui, SL; Chan, TM; Lai, KN; Lo, WK200690
Minimal and optimal peritoneal Kt/V targets: Results of an anuric peritoneal dialysis patient's survival analysisLo, WK; Lui, SL; Chan, TM; Li, FK; Lam, MF; Tse, KC; Tang, SCW; Choy, CBY; Lai, KN2005113
Simultaneous removal and reinsertion of peritoneal dialysis catheters for the treatment of refractory pseudomonas exit site infection in CAPD patientsLui, SL; Yip, PS; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Li, FK; Lai, KN; Lo, WK200580
Long-term outcome of patients with diffuse proliferative lupus nephritis treated with prednisolone and oral cyclophosphamide followed by azathioprineChan, TM; Tse, KC; Tang, CSO; Lai, KN; Li, FK2005102
Angiotensin inhibition or blockade for the treatment of patients with quiescent lupus nephritis and persistent proteinuriaTse, KC; Li, FK; Tang, S; Tang, CSO; Lai, KN; Chan, TM2005131
A report with consensus statements of the International Society of Nephrology 2004 Consensus Workshop on Prevention of Progression of Renal Disease, Hong Kong, June 29, 2004Li, PKT; Weening, JJ; Dirks, J; Lui, SL; Szeto, CC; Tang, S; Atkins, RC; Mitch, WE; Chow, KM; D'Amico, G; Freedman, BI; Harris, DC; Hooi, LS; De Jong, PE; KincaidSmith, P; Lai, KN; Lee, E; Li, FK; Lin, SY; Lo, WK; Mani, MK; Mathew, T; Murakami, M; Qian, JQ; Ramirez, S; Reiser, T; Tomino, Y; Tong, MK; Tsang, WK; Tungsanga, K; Wang, H; Wong, AK; Wong, KM; Yang, WC; De Zeeuw, D; Yu, AW; Memuzzi, G2005187
Long-term study of mycophenolate mofetil as continuous induction and maintenance treatment for diffuse proliferative lupus nephritisChan, TM; Tse, KC; Tang, CSO; Mok, MY; Li, FK2005103
Incidence and outcome of antiglomerular basement membrane disease in ChineseLi, FK; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Yip, TPS; Lui, SL; Chan, GSW; Chan, KW; Chan, EYT; Choy, BY; Lo, WK; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2004170
Granulomatous interstitial nephritis of the allograft kidney associated with rhodococcal pulmonary infectionTse, KC; Chan, TM; Wong, SSY; Chan, KW; Lam, MF; Chan, KHN; Li, FK; Choy, BY; Lai, KN2004106
Retroperitoneal leakage as a cause of ultrafiltration failureLam, MF; Lo, WK; Chu, FSK; Li, FK; Yip, TPS; Tse, KC; Chan, TM; Lai, KN200498
Aggravation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced hepatitis and acute renal failure by slimming drug containing anthraquinonesLi, FK; Lai, CK; Poon, WT; Wo Chan, AY; Chan, KW; Tse, KC; Chan, TK; Lai, KN2004119
Refractory fluid overload in CAPD patients: management strategies and outcomesLi, FK; Lam, MF; Yip, PS; Chan, DTM; Lai, KN2004238
Management of hepatocellular carcinoma in renal transplant recipientsChok, KS; Lam, CM; Li, FK; Ng, KK; Poon, RT; Lo, CM; Fan, ST2004105
Long-term outcome of isoniazid prophylaxis against tuberculosis in Chinese renal transplant recipientsLui, SL; Li, FK; Choy, BY; Chan, TM; Lo, WK; Lai, KN200487
A long-term study on hyperlipidemia in stable renal transplant recipientsTse, KC; Lam, MF; Yip, PS; Li, FK; Lai, KN; Chan, TM2004126
Sirolimus in kidney transplantation: A pilot study in Chinese patientsLam, MF; Yip, TPS; Tse, KC; Li, FK; Lui, SL; Lai, KN; Chan, TM200478
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