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Formation of the world's largest molybdenum metallogenic belt: a plate-tectonic perspective on the Qinling molybdenum depositsLi, CL; Wang, FY; Hao, XL; Ding, X; Zhang, H; Ling, MX; Zhou, JB; Li, YL; Fan, WM; Sun, WD2012206
Synthesis, structures, and photophysics of polynuclear silver(I) thiolate and silver(I) thiocarboxylate complexes with dppm ligandsChao, HY; Wu, L; Li, CL; Lu, W; Liu, L; Feng, XL201193
Receptors in the Human Respiratory Tract - Making and Breaking the LinksNicholls, JM; Chan, WY; Li, CL; Walther, TJ; Haslam, STUART2011124
Spreadsheet-Based Ultrasensitive Magnetic Field Sensor Design Tool Using Microsoft ExcelLi, CL; Unguris, J; Edelstein, A; Burnette, JE; Fischer, GA; Nowak, ER; Egelhoff, WF; Pong, PWT2010215
BK Virus Nephropathy Due to KOM-3 StrainChan, GSW; Tsoi, HW; Wong, SSY; Li, CL; Tse, H; Un I, K; Yuen, KY; Chan, KW2009517
Study of ductile fracture and preform design of upsetting process using adaptive network fuzzy inference systemLu, YH; Yeh, FH; Li, CL; Wu, MT; Liu, CH200378
Single machine scheduling to minimize total compression plus weighted flow cost is NP-hardWan, G; Yen, BPC; Li, CL2001110
Analysing a new vehicle scheduling and location problemNg, WC; Bish, EK; Leong, TY; Li, CL; Simchi-Levi, D2001135
Clinical outcome following percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for transplant renal artery stenosesTang, S; Tso, WK; Li, JHC; Li, CL; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2000106
Automatic design by configuration space: An automatic design system for kinematic devicesLi, CL; Chan, KW; Tan, ST199957
A configuration space approach to the automatic design of multiple-state mechanical devicesLi, CL; Chan, KW; Tan, ST199985
ADCS: An automatic design system for kinematic devicesLi, CL; Chan, KW; Tan, ST1999166
Function and behaviour description in intelligent mechanical CAD systemLi, CL; Tan, ST; Chan, KW1997149
A qualitative and heuristic approach to the conceptual design of mechanismsLi, CL; Tan, ST; Chan, KW1996275
Automating the mechanical design process by best-first heuristic searchLi, CL; Tan, ST; Chan, KW1994137
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