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Fossil gastropods from the MGS3 stratigraphic segment in the Salawusu River Valley and their climatic and environmental implicationsLi, BS; Chen, DN; Zhang, DD; Wen, XH; Qiu, SF; Ou, XJ; Du, SH; Niu, DF; Yang, Y; Ye, JP; Guo, YH2008177
Effects of high-pressure treatment on some physicochemical and functional properties of soy protein isolatesWang, XS; Tang, CH; Li, BS; Yang, XQ; Li, L; Ma, CY2008139
Precipitation chemistry of Lhasa and other remote towns, TibetZhang, DD; Peart, M; Jim, CY; He, YQ; Li, BS; Chen, JA2003224
Human settlement of the last glaciation on the Tibetan plateauZhang, D; Li, SH; He, YQ; Li, BS200387
The change cycles of major element in Salawusu River valley since 150 ka B.P.Li, H; Li, BS; Zhu, Y; Jin, H; Zhang, D; Yan, M; Zhang, Y; Luo, K; Yao, C2002106
CaCO3 cycles in Salawusu river basin since 150 Ka B.P.Luo, KL; Li, BS; Zhu, YZ; Jin, HL; Zhang, DD; Yan, MC; Li, HX; Yao, CX; Zhang, YH200188
Protected Areas and Nature Conservation in East AsiaJim, CY; Li, BS199690
Green Issues in East AsiaLi, BS; Jim, CY199482
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