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Dual-tracer PET/CT for the differential diagnosis of small liver nodules (1-2 cm) in cirrhosis: early HCC or dysplastic nodule? (Abstract)Ho, CL; Chen, SR; Cheung, TT; Leung, YL; Cheng, TKC; Wong, KN201284
[(18)F]fluoroacetate positron emission tomography for hepatocellular carcinoma and metastases: an alternative tracer for [(11)C]acetate?Ho, CL; Cheung, MK; Chen, S; Cheung, TT; Leung, YL; Cheng, KC; Yeung, WD2012137
Single-turn helix-coil strands stabilized by metal ⋯metal and π-π Interactions of the alkynylplatinum(II) terpyridyl moieties in meta -phenylene ethynylene foldamersLeung, YL; Tam, AYY; Tao, CH; Chow, HS; Yam, VWW201274
The use of dual-tracer PET/CT in selection of HCC patients based on Milan criteria before liver transplant (Abstract)Ho, CL; Chen, SR; Cheung, TT; Cheng, TKC; Leung, YL; Wong, KN201271
The Utility of 19F-Fluoride PET/CT for the detection of skull base involvement in nasopharyngeal carcinomaLau, YC; Ho, CL; Leung, YL; Cheng, T; Yeung, WD; Anthony, M; Khong, PL201085
Focal pericarditis in a huge heart demonstrated by positron emission tomography/computed tomographyYiu, KH; Leung, YL; Siu, CW; Jim, MH; Chow, WH; Tse, HF2009140
Functional abnormalities in patients with permanent right ventricular pacing: The effect of sites of electrical stimulationTse, HF; Yu, C; Wong, KK; Tsang, V; Leung, YL; Ho, WY; Lau, CP2002119
Letter to the editor: Does a "false negative" MIBG scan predict a better outcome in neuroblastoma patients?Chan, GCF; Leung, YL; Shing, MMK; Luk, CW; Ling, SC; Lee, ACW200141
Management of ureteric calculi: the pendulum swingsYip, KH; Lee, FCW; Tam, PC; Leung, YL1997357
The efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in the treatment of ureteric stonesYip, KH; Tam, PC; Lee, FCW; Leung, YL1995197
11C-Acetate for Metabolic Characterization of Multiple Myeloma – A Comparative PET/CT Study with 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CTHO, CHI-LAI; Chen, S; Leung, YL; Cheng, T; Wong, KA-NIN; Cheung, SK; Liang, R; Chim, JCS-15
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