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Intradiscal delivery of mesenchymal stem cells in collagen microspheres in a rabbit disc degeneration model: a preliminary studyDiao, H; Li, YY; Chow, ST; An, X; Leung, V; Cheung, K; Chan, BP2011162
Developmental definition of MSCs: New insights into pending questionsHuang, S; Leung, V; Peng, S; Li, L; Lu, FJ; Wang, T; Lu, W; Cheung, KMC; Zhou, G201193
Spatiotemporal expression of cadherin 2 in the notochordal nucleus pulposus during development and aging of murine intervertebral discLim, FL; Cheung, K; Chan, D; Leung, V201068
A comparison between disc degeneration models induced by annulus puncture and nucleus aspiration in rabbitsAn, X; Leung, V; Cheung, K; Chan, BP2010107
Modulating proteoglycan metabolism using small molecules as treatment for disc degeneratioinLeung, V; Tsui, YK; Kao, R; Sun, Y; Masuda, K; Chan, D; Cheung, K201075
Structural and functional evaluation of allogeneic MSC-based disc regeneration: implications of dosage and stage of degeneration with long-term follow-upLeung, V; Hung, S; Lau, R; Tam, V; Yang, F; Wu, EX; Luk, KDK; Chan, D; Cheung, KMC201098
In-vitro analysis of gene expressions of osteoblastic cells while exposing to various concentrations of magnesium ionsWong, HM; Yeung, KWK; Leung, V; Lam, KO; Chu, PK; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC200966
Business Data Warehouse: The Case of Wal-MartBose, I; Lam, A; Leung, V; Li, I; Wong, H2006183
The effect of severity of degeneration on intervertebral disc regeneration by autologous mesenchymal stem cellsCheung, KMC; Ho, G; Leung, V; Chan, D200578
The liability of dentists in the provision of dental materialsLeung, V; Darvell, B2001117
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