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Tuning the electronic properties of conjugated polymer by tethering low-bandgap rhenium(I) complex on the main chainMak, CSK; Leung, QY; Li, CHO; Chan, WK20104,226
Conjugated copolymers containing low bandgap rhenium(I) complexesMak, CSK; Cheung, WK; Leung, QY; Chan, WK2010571
Tuning of electronic bandgap in conjugated polymers bychlorotricarbonyl rhenium(I) complexesMak, CSK; Cheung, WK; Leung, QY; Chan, WK2010123
The use of sublimable chlorotricarbonyl bis(phenylimino)acenaphthene rhenium(I) complexes as photosensitizers in bulk-heterojunction photovoltaic devicesMak, CSK; Wong, HL; Leung, QY; Tam, WY; Chan, WK; Djurišić, AB2009537
Fabrication of Rhenium Containing Narrow Band Gap Polymer for Photovoltaic ApplicationsLeung, QY; Mak, SK; Tam, WY; Chan, WK2008176
Novel Metal Containing Diablcok Copolymers for Photovoltaic ApplicationTam, WY; Mak, SK; Leung, QY; Cheng, KW; Chan, WK2008191
Optically tunable intramolecular charge transfer dyes for vacuum deposited bulk heterojunction solar cellsMak, CSK; Leung, QY; Chan, WK; Djurišić, AB2008250
Synthesis and Characterization of One-Dimensional Ruthenium Based Self-Assembly PolymerMak, SK; Leung, QY; Chan, WK2006165
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