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Early intervention and evaluation for adult-onset psychosis: The JCEP study rationale and designHui, CL; Chang, WC; Chan, SK; Lee, EH; Tam, WW; Lai, DC; Wong, GH; Tang, JY; Li, FW; Leung, KF; Mcghee, SM; Sham, PC; Chen, EY201362
Difference In The Metabolome Between Escherichia Coli Isolated From Patients With Pyelonephritis And CholangitisTo, KKW; Lam, CW; Lee, KC; Yung, KY; Law, CY; Leung, KF; Lau, KC; Chan, SF201321
Organochlorine isotopic pattern-enhanced detection and quantification of triclosan and its metabolites in human serum by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/quadrupole time-of-flight/mass spectrometryWu, JL; Leung, KF; Tong, SF; Lam, CW2012123
Production of 2-aminophenoxazin-3-one by Staphylococcus aureus causes false-positive results in β-galactosidase assayTse, H; Chan, E; Lam, CW; Leung, KF; Chow, MYP; Lee, KC; Sze, KH; Cheung, SKK; Tse, MK; Ho, PL; Leung, ASP; Lau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201248
Psychometric properties of the Chinese quality of life instrument (HK version) in Chinese and Western medicine primary care settingsWong, W; Lam, CLK; Leung, KF; Zhao, L2012277
First discovery of two polyketide synthase genes for mitorubrinic acid and mitorubrinol yellow pigment biosynthesis and implications in virulence of Penicillium marneffei.Woo, PCY; Lam, CW; Tam, WT; Leung, KF; Wong, SSY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY201230
Non-invasive screening of HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 alleles for persistent hepatitis B virus infection: Susceptibility for vertical transmission and toward a personalized approach for vaccination and treatmentLau, KC; Lam, CW; Law, CY; Lai, ST; Tsang, TY; Siu, CWK; To, WK; Leung, KF; Mak, CM; Poon, WT; Chan, PKS; Chan, YW2011205
Is the content of the Chinese Quality of Life Instrument (ChQOL) really valid in the context of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong?Wong, W; Lam, CLK; Leung, KF; Zhao, L2009128
Identification of Bismuth- and Nickel-binding Motifs in Heat-shock Protein A (HspA) of Helicobacter Pylori by a Metalloproteomic ApproachTsang, CN; Cun, S; Leung, KF; Sun, H2009236
The situation of the South China Sea within the growth and denudation of the Asian continentPubellier, MF; Chan, LS; Phung, VP; Chamot-Rooke, N; Leung, KF; Rabaute, A; Shen, W2005114
Impact of untreated psychosis on quality of life in patients with first-episode schizophreniaLaw, CW; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Wong, JGWS; Lam, CLK; Leung, KF; Lo, MSM2005121
Tectonic evolution of Mirs Bay in Guangdong, South ChinaLeung, KF; Chan, LS; Pubellier, MF2005124
An instrument to assess mental patients' capacity to appraise and report subjective quality of lifeWong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Chen, EYH; Chan, RCK; Law, CW; Lo, MSM; Leung, KF; Lam, CLK2005126
A synthesis of the Tectonic history of South China Coastal Provinces since the Mid-MesozoicChan, LS; Leung, KF; Tang, LK; Pubellier, MF; Mechti, M; Ego, F2004100
G-Snoop: Enhancing TCP performance over wireless networksLeung, KF; Yeung, KL2004416
TCP-Swift: An end-host enhancement scheme for TCP over satellite IP networksLeung, KF; Yeung, KL2004255
Enhancing Landsat TM to update the structural analysis of the Mirs Bay Basin, Hong Kong, ChinaLeung, KF; Vohora, VK; Chan, LS; Malpas, JG2003139
Tectonic evolution of South China Coastal Provinces since the mid-MesozoicChan, LS; Pubellier, MF; Phung, PV; Mechti, M; Leung, KF; Ego, F2003156
Assessing the ability and capacity to complete Quality of Life assessment tools: The development of an Appraisal Inventory. (Oral presentation)Wong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Leung, KF; Chen, EYH200281
Novel push-and-pull hybrid data broadcast scheme for wireless information networksHu, JianHao; Yeung, Kwan L; Feng, Gang; Leung, KF200073
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