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Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome with posterior leucoencephalopathy after oral contraceptive pillsSoo, Y; Singhal, AB; Leung, T; Yu, S; Mak, H; Hao, Q; Leung, H; Lam, W; Wong, LKS2010116
Delaying initiation of dialysis till symptomatic uraemia - Is it too late?Tang, SCW; Ho, YW; Tang, AWC; Cheng, YY; Chiu, FH; Lo, WK; Lai, KN; Wang, AYM; Lui, SL; Leung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Tang, CSO; Lam, MF; Tse, KC; Yip, TPS; Lee, LLY; Poon, J; Leung, H; Chan, TM; Cheng, AYY; Lam, WO; Leung, SS; Ho, YW200793
Impact of nocturnal peritoneal dialysis on the severity of sleep apnoea and the duration of hypoxemia during sleep: A cross-over studyTang, SCW; Lam, B; Leung, H; Ip, MSM; Lai, KN200557
Sleep apnea in patients undergoing nocturnal peritoneal dialysis.Tang, SCW; Leung, WS; Chan, V; Chu, CM; Lam, B; Leung, H; Lam, WO; Ho, YW; Chan, DTM; Lai, KN200478
Combined ventilation flow in buildings driven by combined natural and mechanical forcesLi, Y; Leung, H; Law, AML200288
Analytical solutions for buoyancy-driven natural ventilation in buildings with three openingsLeung, H; Li, Y2001104
Test case selection with and without replacementLeung, H; Tse, TH; Chan, FT; Chen, TY2000421
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