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Biodiesel from Zophobas morio larva oil: Process optimization and FAME characterizationLeung, D; Yang, D; Li, Z; Zhao, Z; Chen, J; Zhu, L2012188
Digitalisation, educational and social development in Greater ChinaMok, KH; Leung, D201257
Distinct but phenotypically heterogeneous human cell populations produce rapid recovery of platelets and neutrophils after transplantationCheung, AMS; Leung, D; Rostamirad, S; Dhillon, K; Miller, PH; Droumeva, R; Brinkman, RR; Hogge, D; Roy, DC; Eaves, CJ2012132
Quantitative assays that discriminate human cells with variable durabilities of neutrophil and platelet output in NOD/SCID-IL-2Rγc-/- mice reveal marked quantitative but not qualitative differences between cord blood and mobilized peripheral bloodCheung, AMS; Leung, D; Eaves, CJ201162
Spatial practice, conceived space and lived space: Hong Kong's 'Piers saga' through the Lefebvrian lensNg, MK; Tang, WS; Lee, J; Leung, D2010196
How parents perceive and feel about participation in community activities: The comparison between parents of preschoolers with and without autism spectrum disordersLam, SF; Wong, BPH; Leung, D; Ho, D; AuYeung, P2010190
How Parents Perceive and Feel about Participation in Community Activities: The Comparison between Parents of Preschoolers with and without AutismLam, SF; Wong, PH; Leung, D; Ho, D; Au-yeung, P2009101
Evaluating a low intensity health education intervention on pneumococcal vaccination uptake among elders with chronic illnesesChan, S; Chan, S; Lam, C; Leung, AYH; Leung, D; Lam, TH; Johnston, J; Chu, D; Chan, CK; Hung, IFN; Liang, RHS; Yuen, KY2009373
Coping Strategies in Community Integration: The Case of Hong Kong Parents of Preschoolers with AutismWong, PH; Lam, SF; Leung, D; Ho, D; Au-yeung, P2008120
Parental Response to Child's Isolation During the SARS OutbreakChan, SSC; Leung, D; Chui, H; Tiwari, AFY; Wong, EMY; Wong, DCN; Barnsteiner, JH; Lau, YL2007168
Managing isolation and anxiety of a cohort of hospitalized suspected SARS pediatric patients in Hong Kong: an evidence-based nursing care model.Chan, SSC; Wong, EMY; Tiwari, AFY; Leung, D; Lo, SL; Lau, YL200569
The Utilization Patterns, Functions and Outcomes of Medical social Services at Accident and Energency Department in Hospitals in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Study. Monograph Series No.37Wong, DFK; Chan, CLW; Law, CK; Wong, TW; Au, TYW; Chang,, T; Fu, K; Lee, ML; Leung, D; Tam, V; Tsoi, YK2000120
On order continuous normsChung, SK; Leung, D1999213
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