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Shear behaviour of in-situ concrete stitches of precast concrete segmental bridgesLeung, CCY; Au, FTK2011192
Simulation of vibrations of Ting Kau Bridge due to vehicular loading from measurementsAu, FTK; Lou, P; Li, J; Jiang, R; Zhang, J; Leung, CCY; Lee, PKK; Lee, JH; Wong, KY; Chan, HY2011205
Flexural ductility and deformability of reinforced and prestressed concrete sectionsAu, FTK; Leung, CCY; Kwan, AKH2011222
Finite element analysis of in-situ stitches in precast concrete segmental bridgesZeng, Y; Leung, CCY; Au, FTK201168
Full-range analysis of multi-span prestressed concrete segmental bridgesAu, FTK; Leung, CCY2011215
Numerical analysis of in-situ stitches in prestressed concrete segmental bridgesZeng, Y; Au, FTK; Leung, CCY2010215
Behaviour of in-situ concrete stitches in segmental prestressed concrete bridgesLeung, CCY; Au, FTK2010212
RAD18 transmits DNA damage signalling to elicit homologous recombination repairHuang, J; Huen, MSY; Kim, H; Leung, CCY; Glover, JNM; Yu, X; Chen, J2009212
Development and calibration of finite element models for structural health monitoring of Ting Kau Bridge, Invited LectureAu, FTK; Jiang, R; Leung, CCY; Xie, L; Lee, PKK; Wong, KY; Chan, WY2007127
From Isolated to Connected: Science Teachers' Professional Development through Web-based Video Cases of Exemplary PracticesYung, BHW; Lam, KL; Leung, CCY200266
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