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Geochemistry, petrogenesis and metallogenesis of the panzhihua gabbroic layered intrusion and associated Fe-Ti-V Oxide deposits, sichuan province, SW ChinaZhou, MF; Robinson, PT; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR; Zhang, CJ; Malpas, J2005137
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of 270 Ma Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide-bearing mafic intrusions in the Huangshan district, Eastern Xinjiang, Northwest China: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Central Asian orogenic beltZhou, MF; Lesher, CM; Yang, Z; Li, J; Sun, M2004161
Tectonic settings of magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide deposits in ChinaZhou, MF; Yang, ZX; Song, XY; Keays, RR; Lesher, CM2004113
Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide deposits in ChinaZhou, MF; Yang, ZX; Song, X; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR2002286
Neoproterozoic arc-related mafic intrusions along the northern margin of South China: Implications for the accretion of RodiniaZhou, MF; Kennedy, AK; Sun, M; Malpas, J; Lesher, CM2002944
Tectonic settings of Chinese magmagtic sulfide depositsZhou, MF; Song, X; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR2002106
A temporal link between the Emeishan Large Igneous province (S.W. China) and the end-Guadalupian mass extinctionAbstractsZhou, MF; Malpas, JG; Song, X; Robinson, PT; Sun, M; Kennedy, AL; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR200195
SHRIMP zircon geochronology of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (SW China): implications for double mass extinctions in Late PermianZhou, MF; Malpas, JG; Song, X; Robinson, PT; Kennedy, K; Zhang, CJ; Yan, DP; Thompson, T; Sun, M; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR200191
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