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What factors predict undergraduate students' use of technology for learning? A case from Hong KongLai, C; Wang, Q; Lei, J2012168
What makes the difference? A practical analysis of research on the effectiveness of distance educationZhao, Y; Lei, J; Yan, B; Lai, C; Tan, HS200581
A Consistent OFDM Carrier Frequency Offset Estimator Based on Distinctively Spaced Pilot TonesLei, J; Ng, TS2004264
A blind carrier frequency offset detector used for feedback frequency synchronization in OFDM receiversLei, J; Ng, TS2003108
A Non-Data-Aided and Non-Phase-Based AFC Method for MPSK DS/CDMA Transceivers Used in Digital BroadcastingLei, J; Ng, TS2003220
Pilot-tone-based maximum likelihood estimator for carrier frequency offset in OFDM systemsLei, J; Ng, TS200397
Fast frequency tracking algorithm for OFDM applicationsLei, J; Ng, TS2002272
Pilot-symbol-aided frequency tracking algorithm for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiversLei, J; Ng, TS200180
A novel synchronization scheme for multicarrier QAMLei, J; Ng, TS200175
New AFC algorithm for a fully-digital MDPSK DS/CDMA receiverLei, J; Ng, TS2001238
Periodogram-based carrier frequency offset estimation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing applicationsLei, J; Ng, TS2001226
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