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The validity of observational measures in detecting optimal maternal communication styles: Evidence from European Americans and LatinosNadeem, E; Romo, LF; Sigman, M; Lefkowitz, ES; Au, TK2007205
No sex or safe sex? Mothers' and adolescents' discussions about sexuality and AIDS/HIVLefkowitz, ES; Boone, TL; Au, TKF; Sigman, M2003168
Mothers' and adolescents' perceptions of AIDS vulnerabilityBoone, TL; Lefkowitz, ES; Romo, L; Corona, R; Sigman, M; Au, TKF2003125
He said, she said: Gender differences in mother-adolescent conversations about sexualityLefkowitz, ES; Boone, TL; Sigman, M; Au, TKF2002110
A longitudinal study of maternal messages about dating and sexuality and their influence on Latino adolescentsRomo, LF; Lefkowitz, ES; Sigman, M; Au, TK2002126
Determinants of mother-adolescent communication about sex in Latino familiesRomo, LF; Lefkowitz, ES; Sigman, M; Au, TK200184
Helping mothers discuss sexuality and AIDS with adolescentsLefkowitz, ES; Sigman, M; Au, TKF200080
How Latino American and European American adolescents discuss conflicts, sexuality, and AIDS with their mothers.Lefkowitz, ES; Romo, LF; Corona, R; Au, TK; Sigman, M200088
A longitudinal study of aids conversations between mothers and adolescentsLefkowitz, ES; Kahlbaugh, P; Au, TKF; Sigman, M199861
A longitudinal study of mother-adolescent AIDS conversationLefkowitz, ES; Kahlbaugh, P; Au, TK; Sigman, MD199867
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