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Runx3 is a crucial regulator of alveolar differentiation and lung tumorigenesis in miceLee, JM; Shin, JO; Cho, KW; Hosoya, A; Cho, SW; Lee, YS; Ryoo, HM; Bae, SC; Jung, HS201162
Runx3 is required for the differentiation of lung epithelial cells and suppression of lung cancerLee, KS; Lee, YS; Lee, JM; Ito, K; Cinghu, S; Kim, JH; Jang, JW; Li, YH; Goh, YM; Chi, XZ; Wee, H; Lee, HW; Hosoya, A; Chung, JH; Jang, JJ; Kundu, JK; Surh, YJ; Kim, WJ; Ito, Y; Jung, HS; Bae, SC201086
Asian society of gynecologic oncology workshop 2010Suh, DH; Kim, JW; Aziz, MF; Devi, UK; Ngan, HYS; Nam, JH; Kim, SC; Kato, T; Ryu, HS; Fujii, S; Lee, YS; Kim, JH; Kim, TJ; Kim, YT; Wang, KL; Lee, TS; Ushijima, K; Shin, SG; Chia, YN; Wilailak, S; Park, SY; Katabuchi, H; Kamura, T; Kang, SB2010297
A hybrid EMI filter with ultra-wide bandwidthHo, WC; Lee, CK; Liu, X; Chan, PKW; Hui, SYR; Lee, YS2008186
Characterization of single-stage three-phase power-factor-correction circuit using modular single-phase PWM dc-to-dc convertersHo, YKE; Hui, SYR; Lee, YS2000169
Actively clamped bidirectional flyback converterChen, G; Lee, YS; Hui, SYR; Xu, D; Wang, Y2000186
Characterization of single stage 3 phase power factor correction circuit using modular single phase PWM DC-to-DC convertersHo, YKE; Hui, SYR; Lee, YS1999121
Optimal operation of single-stage three-phase power factor correction circuit using modular PWM DC-to-DC convertersHo, YKE; Hui, SYR; Lee, YS199875
Modeling, analysis, and application of buck converters in discontinuous-input-voltage mode operationLee, YS; Wang, SJ; Hui, SYR1997182
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