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Hodgkin's lymphoma as a second cancer in multiple myeloma never exposed to lenalidomide.Chim, JCS; Choi, PT; Lee, WK201229
Sustained disease remission after spontaneous HBeAg seroconversion is associated with reduction in fibrosis progression in chronic hepatitis B Chinese patientsHui, CK; Leung, N; Shek, TWH; Yao, H; Lee, WK; Lai, JY; Lai, ST; Wong, WM; Lai, LSW; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Lau, GKK2007175
Application of Thermography and Positioning system for Health Monitoring at Territorial BordersChan, FHY; Kwan, TO; Fung, SK; Lee, WK; Leung, CH200499
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in Hong Kong and Its Current ManagementLee, TL; Lau, YL; Chan, W; Chow, PY; Chu, WP; Hui, J; Ko, PW; Lee, KP; Lee, SY; Lee, WK; Leung, CW; Luk, DCK; Tse, KC2003145
The six-piece Chinese jigsaw puzzle: An inspiration to structuring communicationLee, WK200274
Evaluation of five commercial serological tests for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in ChineseSzeto, ML; Lee, CK; Yee, YK; Li, KF; Lee, WK; Lee, CC; Que, TL; Wong, BCY200191
Solvation of dried dentin matrix by water and other polar solventsPashley, DH; Carvalho, RM; Tay, FR; Agee, KA; Lee, WK2001164
Synthesis and photophysics of tetranuclear copper(I) acetylides. Crystal structure of [Cu4{P(C6H4Me-p)3} 4(μ3-η1-C≡CPh)4]Yam, VWW; Lee, WK; Cheung, KK199669
Photophysics and photochemical reactivities of organocopper(I) complexes. Crystal structure of [Cu2(PPh2Me)4(μ,η 1-C≡CPh)2]Yam, VWW; Lee, WK; Cheung, KK; Lee, HK; Leung, WP199655
Synthesis, structure, photophysics, time-resolved emission spectroscopy and electrochemistry of luminescent copper(I) acetylide complexesYam, VWW; Lee, WK; Cheung, KK; Crystall, B; Phillips, D1996207
Luminescent properties of soluble polynuclear d10 and d8 metal sulfides and acetylidesYam, VWW; Lee, WK; Yeung, KY199586
Synthesis, spectroscopy and photophysis of copper(I) acetylides and sulfidesYam, VWW; Lee, WK1994143
Detection of transient CuICuICuII mixed-valence acetylide complexes from nanosecond transient absorption studiesYam, VWW; Lee, WK; Yeung, PKY; Phillips, D199458
Synthesis, spectroscopy and photophysics of copper(I) acetylides and alkylsYam, VWW; Lee, WK1994108
Luminescent polynuclear copper(I) acetylides and sulfidesYam, VWW; Lee, WK1994110
Synthesis, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry of trinuclear copper(I) acetylides. X-ray crystal structure of [Cu3(μ-Ph2PCH2PPh2) 3(μ3-η1-C≡C tBu)(μ3-Cl)]PF6Yam, VWW; Lee, WK; Lai, TF199348
Synthesis and luminescent properties of a novel tetranuclear copper(I) cluster containing a μ4-sulfur moiety. X-Ray crystal structure of [Cu4(μ-dppm)4(μ4-S)](PF6)2·2Me2CO [dppm = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane]Yam, VWW; Lee, WK; Lai, TF199357
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