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Formation and local symmetry of the Holstein polaron in the t-J modelMa, H; Lee, TK; Chen, Y201340
"New Man" and "New Lad" with Chinese Characteristics? Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Hybridity and Men's Lifestyle Magazines in ChinaSong, G; Lee, TK2012157
Laboratory study of feasibility of compaction grouting of soilYeung, AT; So, STC; Au, SKA; Lee, TK2011172
Consumption, class formation and sexuality: Reading men's lifestyle magazines in ChinaSong, G; Lee, TK201069
Low-energy physical properties of high- Tc superconducting Cu oxides: A comparison between the resonating valence bond and experimentsYang, KY; Shih, CT; Chou, CP; Huang, SM; Lee, TK; Xiang, T; Zhang, FC2006113
Closed-form green's functions for the source and the field points located at arbitrary heights in microstrip structureLee, TK; Yang, SW; Chew, WC200529
Fermi surface evolution in the antiferromagnetic state for the electron-doped t-t’-t’’-J modelYuan, Q; Chen, Y; Lee, TK; Ting, CS2004279
Two competing interactions in the Anderson lattice modelZhang, FC; Lee, TK; Su, ZB198763
Hard-core repulsive interactions in even-parity electron pairings for heavy-fermion systemsZhang, FC; Lee, TK198759
Comment on ''Effective magnetic moments of heavy fermions and the Wilson ratio for Kondo lattice''Zhang, FC; Lee, TK198742
Extended and localized states in the periodic Anderson modelLee, TK; Zhang, FC198656
Spectral density and magnetic susceptibility for the asymmetric degenerate Anderson modelZhang, FC; Lee, TK198460
A revised diagrammatic technique for the degenerate Anderson modelLee, TK; Zhang, FC198451
1N expansion for the degenerate Anderson model in the mixed-valence regimeZhang, FC; Lee, TK1983106
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