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Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinomaMazzaferro, V; Chun, YS; Poon, RTP; Schwartz, ME; Yao, FY; Marsh, JW; Bhoori, S; Lee, SG2008112
Right anterior sector drainage in right-lobe live-donor liver transplantationFan, ST; De Villa, VH; Kiuchi, T; Lee, SG; Makuuchi, M200395
Living-donor liver transplantation: 12 Years of experience in AsiaChen, CL; Fan, ST; Lee, SG; Makuuchi, M; Tanaka, K200377
Split liver transplantation in AsiaDe Villa, VH; Chen, CL; Chen, YS; Wang, CC; Tan, KC; Sun, KS; Lee, SG; Tanaka, K; Fan, ST200187
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