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Hyperoxia resensitizes chemoresistant human glioblastoma cells to temozolomideLeung, GKK; Sun, S; Lee, DYC; Lee, NP; Pu, JKS201281
Increased solubility of integrin betaA domain using maltose-binding protein as a fusion tagLee, NP; Tsang, STY; Cheng, RH; Luk, JMC200695
Generation and application of anti-CD18mAb and Fv derivatives for preventing LPS-activated leukocyte adhesionLuk, JMC; Lee, NP; Klickstein, LB; Fan, ST200576
Expression of recombinant integrin b2 subunit that ameliorate LPS binding activity to endothelial cellLuk, JMC; Lee, NP; Ma, J; Fan, ST200587
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