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Dietary extra virgin olive oil down regulates oxidized lipid mediators in CCl4 induced liver injuryLee, YY; Wang, H; Lee, KY; Wan, JMF; Lee, CYJ201343
Objectively-measured neighborhood environments and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, HP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201334
Profiling of oxidized lipid products of marine fish under acute oxidative stressChung, ML; Lee, KY; Lee, CYJ201333
Comparison of three models of actigraph accelerometers during free living and controlled laboratory conditionsLee, KY; Macfarlane, DJ; Cerin, E2013119
Walking for transportation in Hong Kong Chinese urban elders: a cross-sectional study on what destinations matter and whenCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM; Johnston, JM201326
Structural characterization and condition for measurement statistics preservation of a unital quantum operationLee, KY; Fung, FCH; Chau, HF201339
Recreational destinations and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201333
Degradation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in medaka fish under acute oxidative stressLee, KY; Wu, SS; Lee, JCY201293
Relation between quantum speed limits and metrics on U(n)Lee, KY; Chau, HF201265
Generation of NSE-MerCreMer transgenic mice with tamoxifen inducible Cre activity in neuronsKam, MKM; Lee, KY; Tam, PKH; Lui, VCH2012224
Genome-wide association study identifies FCGR2A as a susceptibility locus for Kawasaki diseaseKhor, CC; Davila, S; Breunis, WB; Lee, YC; Shimizu, C; Wright, VJ; Yeung, RSM; Tan, DEK; Sim, KS; Wang, JJ; Wong, TY; Pang, J; Mitchell, P; Cimaz, R; Dahdah, N; Cheung, YF; Huang, GY; Yang, W; Park, IS; Lee, JK; Wu, JY; Levin, M; Burns, JC; Burgner, D; Kuijpers, TW; Hibberd, ML; Lau, YL; Zhang, J; Ma, XJ; Liu, F; Wu, L; Yoo, JJ; Hong, SJ; Kim, KJ; Kim, JJ; Park, YM; Hong, YM; Sohn, S; Jang, GY; Ha, KS; Nam, HK; Byeon, JH; Yun, SW; Han, MK; Lee, KY; Hwang, JY; Rhim, JW; Song, MS; Lee, HD; Kim, DS; Lee, JM; Chang, JS; Tsai, FJ; Liang, CD; Chen, MR; Chi, H; Chiu, NC; Huang, FY; Chang, LY; Huang, LM; Kuo, HC; Huang, KP; Lee, ML; Hwang, B; Huang, YC; Lee, PC; Odam, M; Christiansen, FT; Witt, C; Goldwater, P; Curtis, N; Palasanthiran, P; Ziegler, J; Nissen, M; Nourse, C; Kuipers, IM; Ottenkamp, JJ; Geissler, J; Biezeveld, M; Tacke, C; Filippini, L; Brogan, P; Klein, N; Shah, V; Dillon, M; Booy, R; Shingadia, D; Bose, A; Mukasa, T; Tulloh, R; Michie, C; Newburger, JW; Baker, AL; Rowley, AH; Shulman, ST; Mason, W; Takahashi, M; Melish, ME; Tremoulet, AH; Viswanathan, A; Rochtchina, E; Attia, J; Scott, R; Holliday, E; Harrap, S2011140
A family of metric related to lP norm and its application to quantum information theoryLee, KY; Chau, HF201180
Objective assessment of walking environments in ultra-dense cities: Development and reliability of the Environment in Asia Scan Tool-Hong Kong version (EAST-HK)Cerin, E; Chan, KW; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, KY; Lai, PC2011171
Age and gender differences in associations of perceived environmental attributes with walking for transport in an Asian densely-populated settingCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Sit, HP; Lee, LCJ; Chow, LY; Lee, KY2010205
How the walkability of a neighbourhood affects the pattern of physical activityLee, KY; Macfarlane, DJ; Cerin, E2010100
Perceived enabling features and barriers to regular use of neighbourhood recreational facilitiesLee, KY; Macfarlane, DJ; Cerin, E200985
Associations of Perceived Neighborhood Attributes with Self-Report and Objective Measures of Walking in Hong Kong Adults: Preliminary FindingsCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Sit, HP; Tang, WS; Chow, LY; Lee, KY2009108
Associations of perceived neighborhood attributes with self-report and objective measures of walking in Hong Kong adultsCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Sit, HP; Tang, CK; Chow, LY; Lee, KY2009106
Value of anaerobic culture in bacterial surveillance program for platelet concentratesLee, CK; Ho, PL; Lee, KY; Tsui, GTF; Chua, E; Tsoi, WC; Lin, CK2008172
Epigenetic disruption of interferon-γ response through silencing the tumor suppressor interferon regulatory factor 8 in nasopharyngeal, esophageal and multiple other carcinomasLee, KY; Geng, H; Ng, KM; Yu, J; Van Hasselt, A; Cao, Y; Zeng, YX; Wong, AHY; Wang, X; Ying, J; Srivastava, G; Lung, ML; Wang, LD; Kwok, TT; Levi, BZ; Chan, ATC; Sung, JJY; Tao, Q2008108
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