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Gene expression patterns in pancreatic tumors, cells and tissuesLowe, AW; Olsen, M; Hao, Y; Lee, SP; Lee, KT; Chen, X; van de Rijn, M; Brown, PO2007126
The'Second Wave' of ICT in Education: From Facilitating Teaching and Learning to Engendering Education Reform: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers in Education 2003Chee, YS; Law, NWY; Lee, KT; Suthers, D200379
Changing School Culture - Using IT to Cope with Individual Learning Differences in SchoolsLee, KT2003534
Effects of naproxen and methotrexate on the extent of aortic lesions and cholesterol concentrations in cholesterol-fed rabbitsLee, WM; Lee, KT; Reiner, JM198055
Lack of effect of phenformin, pyridinolcarbamate combined with a decalcifying agent, and an onion-garlic mixture on growth and necrosis of aortic atherosclerosis in ballooned swineLee, WM; Lee, KT198055
Partial suppression by pyridinolcarbamate of growth and necrosis of atherosclerotic lesions in swine subjected to an atherogenic regimen that produces advanced lesionsLee, WM; Lee, KT; Thomas, WA197952
Alterations in population dynamics of arterial smooth muscle cells during atherogenesis. IV. Evidence for a polyclonal origin of hypercholesterolemic diet induced atherosclerotic lesions in young swineThomas, WA; Florentin, RA; Reiner, JM; Lee, WM; Lee, KT197659
Advanced coronary atherosclerosis in swine produced by combination of balloon catheter injury and cholesterol feedingLee, WM; Lee, KT197563
Rapid production of advanced atherosclerosis in swine by a combination of endothelial injury and cholesterol feedingNam, SC; Lee, WM; Jarmolych, J; Lee, KT; Thomas, WA197364
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