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Pick1 and ica69 control insulin granule trafficking and their deficiencies lead to impaired glucose tolerance.Cao, M; Mao, Z; Kam, C; Xiao, N; Cao, X; Shen, C; Cheng, KY; Xu, A; Lee, KM; Jiang, L; Xia, J201333
Solution structure of the dimerization domain of the eurkaryotic stalk P1/P2 complex reveals the structural organization of the eukaryotic stalkLee, KM; Wu, WH; Chiu, YH; Sze, KH; Sze, KH; Shaw, PC; Wong, KB201152
Urban renewal in Hong Kong: a community aspiration studyHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Law, CK; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, KM; Ko, LSF; Yip, HK; Kwan, AKH; Wong, KHY2011868
Grafted tendon healing in tibial tunnel is inferior to healing in femoral tunnel after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a histomorphometric study in rabbitsWen, CY; Qin, L; Lee, KM; Wong, MWN; Chan, KM2010111
Solution structure of the dimerization domain of ribosomal protein P2 provides insights for the structural organization of eukaryotic stalkLee, KM; Yu, CWH; Chan, DSB; Chiu, TYH; Zhu, G; Sze, KH; Shaw, PC; Wong, KB2010163
Peri-graft bone mass and connectivity as predictors for the strength of tendon-to-bone attachment after anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionWen, CY; Qin, L; Lee, KM; Chan, KM2009125
The use of brushite calcium phosphate cement for enhancement of bone-tendon integration in an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction rabbit modelWen, CY; Qin, L; Lee, KM; Chan, KM2009114
Influence of bone adaptation on tendon-to-bone healing in bone tunnel after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in a rabbit modelWen, CY; Qin, L; Lee, KM; Wong, MWN; Chan, KM2009126
CYP1A1, GSTM1, and GSTT1 polymorphisms, smoking, and lung cancer risk in a pooled analysis among Asian populationsLee, KM; Kang, D; Clapper, ML; IngelmanSundberg, M; OnoKihara, M; Kiyohara, C; Min, S; Lan, Q; Le Marchand, L; Lin, P; Li Lung, M; Pinarbasi, H; Pisani, P; Srivatanakul, P; Seow, A; Sugimura, H; Tokudome, S; Yokota, J; Taioli, E200899
Interaction between trichosanthin, a ribosome-inactivating protein, and the ribosomal stalk protein P2 by chemical shift perturbation and mutagenesis analysesChan, DSB; Chu, LO; Lee, KM; Too, PHM; Ma, KW; Sze, KH; Zhu, G; Shaw, PC; Wong, KB2007173
Interaction Between Trichosanthin, a Ribosome-inactivating Protein, and the Ribosomal Stalk Protein P2 by Chemical Shift Perturbatiuon and Mutagenesis AnalysesChan, DSB; Chu, LO; Lee, KM; Too, PHM; Ma, KW; Zhu, G; Shaw, PC; Wong, KB; Sze, KH2007120
Utilization of neuron-cognitive science for the improvement of language education in Hong KongTo, CY; Kwan, TF; Fok, TF; Chan, ASY; Chan, FHY; Chan, TC; Chan, WK; Chan, YL; Chau, AWL; Fung, KP; Fung, ML; Fung, PCW; Hoosain, R; Hung, JHW; Lam, CS; Lau, DC; Lee, KM; Mark, KK; Mok, AKW; Ng, SCY; Ng, YL; So, ATP; Tang, MS; Yue, KC2006126
Structure characterization of human ribosomal protein P2 by NMR spectroscopyLee, KM; Chan, SB; Chu, LO; Zhu, G; Sze, KH; Shaw, PC; Wong, KB200595
Total knee and hip replacements for patients with haemophilia who are seropositive for human immunodificiency virusLee, KM; Ng, TP; Chiu, PKY200346
Enhancing Students' Life Skills DevelopmentYuen, MT; Shek, P.M.K; Lee, KM; Hui, EKP; Lau, P.S.Y; Chan, R.M.C200393
Effectiveness of Community-based Intervention of Young OffendersLee, FWL; Lee, KM2003155
The roles of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) 12 in stimulating the proliferation and matrix production of human patellar tendon fibroblastsFu, SC; Wong, YP; Chan, BP; Pau, HM; Cheuk, YC; Lee, KM; Chan, KM2003153
Total hip and knee arthroplasty in haemophiliac patients who were seropositive for human immunodeficiency virusLee, KM; Ng, TP; Chiu, PKY200266
Language and Literacy in the information age: new forms, new media, new toolsBodomo, AB; Lee, KM200190
Cementless total hip arthroplasty in young Chinese patients: A comparison of 2 different prosthesesChiu, KY; Tang, WM; Ng, TP; Poon, KC; Ho, WY; Lee, KM2001101
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