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Antitumor agents 294. Novel E-ring-modified camptothecin-4β-anilino- 4′-O-demethyl-epipodophyllotoxin conjugates as DNA topoisomerase i inhibitors and cytotoxic agentsYe, D; Shi, Q; Leung, CH; Kim, SW; Park, SY; Gullen, EA; Jiang, ZL; Zhu, H; MorrisNatschke, SL; Cheng, YC; Lee, KH201293
Cost-effectiveness of an early assessment service for young people with early psychosis in Hong KongWong, KK; Chan, SKW; Lam, MML; Hui, CLM; Hung, SF; Tay, M; Lee, KH; Chen, EYH2011159
A lack of contact of sperm with accessory sex gland secretions deregulates DNA methylation and imprinted gene expression in rodent embryosPoon, HK; Lee, KH; Wong, CL; O, WS; Chow, PH2009105
Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by a polymeric film of rhenium tricarbonyl dipyridylamineCheung, KC; Guo, P; So, MH; Lee, LYS; Ho, KP; Wong, WL; Lee, KH; Wong, WT; Zhou, ZY; Wong, KY2009559
Absence of paternal accessory sex gland secretions disturbs epigenetic reprogramming and expression of Igf2 and Dlk1 in golden hamster embryosPoon, HK; Lee, KH; Wong, CL; O, WS; Chow, PH2009100
Structural analogs of tylophora alkaloids may not be functional analogsGao, W; Chen, APC; Leung, CH; Gullen, EA; Fürstner, A; Shi, Q; Wei, L; Lee, KH; Cheng, YC200886
Absence of paternal accessory sex glands dysregulates preimplantation embryo cell cycle and causes early oviductal-uterine transit in the golden hamster in vivoWong, CL; Chan, OC; Lee, KH; O, WS; Chow, PH200893
Mutational analysis of SHH and GLI3 in anorectal malformationsGarciaBarceló, MM; Lui, VCH; Miao, X; So, MT; Leon, TYY; Yuan, ZW; Li, L; Liu, L; Wang, B; Sun, XB; Huang, LM; Tou, JF; Ngan, ESW; Cherny, SS; Chan, KW; Lee, KH; Wang, W; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH2008370
Ablation of paternal accessory sex glands imparts physical and behavioural abnormalities to the progeny: An in vivo study in the golden hamsterWong, CL; Lee, KH; Lo, KM; Chan, OC; Goggins, W; O, WS; Chow, PH2007124
Repair of infarcted myocardium by an extract of Geum japonicum with dual effects on angiogenesis and myogenesisLi, M; Yu, CM; Cheng, L; Wang, M; Gu, X; Lee, KH; Wang, T; Sung, YT; Sanderson, JE200687
Prevalence of CFTR Gene Mutations/Polymorphisms in East Asian Patients with AsthmaTan-Un, KC; Chan, SK; Wong, SY; Lee, KH; Kawasoe, J; Zielenski, J; Tsui, LC; Tan, WC2005110
A high temperature superconductor tape RF receiver coil for a low field magnetic resonance imaging systemCheng, MC; Yan, BP; Lee, KH; Ma, QY; Yang, ES200573
Application of mathematical models in support of public health control of infectious disease (Abstract)Riley, S; Fraser, C; Anderson, RM; Ferguson, N; Leung, GM; Ho, LM; Leung, PY; Tsang, T; Ho, W; Lee, KH; Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ200497
Performance of large-size superconducting coil in 0.21T MRI systemLee, KH; Cheng, MC; Chan, KC; Wong, KK; Yeung, SSM; Lee, KC; Ma, QY; Yang, ES20041,170
Infants born to mothers with severe acute respiratory syndrome.Shek, CC; Ng, PC; Fung, GP; Cheng, FW; Chan, PK; Peiris, MJ; Lee, KH; Wong, SF; Cheung, HM; Li, AM; Hon, EK; Yeung, CK; Chow, CB; Tam, JS; Chiu, MC; Fok, TF2003119
Transmission dynamics of the etiological agent of SARS in Hong Kong: Impact of public health interventionsRiley, S; Fraser, C; Donnelly, CA; Ghani, AC; AbuRaddad, LJ; Hedley, AJ; Leung, GM; Ho, LM; Lam, TH; Thach, TQ; Chau, P; Chan, KP; Lo, SV; Leung, PY; Tsang, T; Ho, W; Lee, KH; Lau, EMC; Ferguson, NM; Anderson, RM2003164
Embryos sired by males without accessory sex glands induce failure of uterine support: A study of VEGF, MMP and TGF expression in the golden hamsterChow, PH; Jiang, HY; Poon, HK; Lee, KH; O, WS2003123
Ablation of paternal accessory sex glands is detrimental to embryo development during implantationJiang, HY; O, WS; Lee, KH; Tang, PL; Chow, PH2001114
The growth arrest specific gene (gas6) protein is expressed in abnormal embryos sired by male golden hamsters with accessory sex glands removedJiang, HY; Lee, KH; Schneider, C; O, WS; Tang, PL; Chow, PH200194
An improved scheme for set equality testing and updatingLam, TW; Lee, KH199857
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