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Chinese SocietyTiwari, AFY; Yan, ECW; Lee, HK201336
Electronic chemical pathology consultation service and dried blood spot metabolic screening in hospital patientsMak, CM; Siu, WK; Law, CY; Wong, CK; Lee, HK; Yeung, S; Sham, CO; Tse, K; Lee, HHC; Chen, SPL; Ching, CK; Au, CK; Poon, WT; Lam, CW; Kwong, NS; Chan, AYW201298
Oxidative stress-dependent cyclooxygenase-2-derived prostaglandin F2α impairs endothelial function in renovascular hypertensive ratsTian, XY; Wong, WT; Leung, FP; Zhang, Y; Wang, YX; Lee, HK; Ng, CF; Chen, ZY; Yao, X; Au, CL; Lau, CW; Vanhoutte, PM; Cooke, JP; Huang, Y2012166
From Skeleton to Cytoskeleton: Osteocalcin Transforms Vascular Fibroblasts to Myofibroblasts Via Angiotensin II and Toll-Like Receptor 4Yuen, CY; Wong, SL; Lau, CW; Tsang, SY; Xu, A; Zhu, Z; Ng, CF; Yao, X; Kong, SK; Lee, HK; Huang, Y2012100
Bone morphogenic protein-4 impairs endothelial function through oxidative stress-dependent cyclooxygenase-2 upregulation: Implications on hypertensionWong, WT; Tian, XY; Chen, Y; Leung, FP; Liu, L; Lee, HK; Ng, CF; Xu, A; Yao, X; Vanhoutte, PM; Tipoe, GL; Huang, Y2010111
Angiotensin II type 1 receptor-dependent oxidative stress mediates endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic miceWong, WT; Tian, XY; Xu, A; Ng, CF; Lee, HK; Chen, ZY; Au, CL; Yao, X; Huang, Y2010166
Collected Essays on the Chinese Language and ClassicsLee, HK; Kwok, PF; Chan, YC2007101
Long-term outcome of 231 patients with essential thrombocythemia: Prognostic factors for thrombosis, bleeding, myelofibrosis, and leukemiaChim, CS; Kwong, YL; Lie, AKW; Ma, SK; Chan, CC; Wong, LG; Kho, BCS; Lee, HK; Sim, JPY; Chan, CH; Chan, JCW; Yeung, YM; Law, M; Liang, R2005307
Challenges of HTS Volume Coil: Decoupling and Cryostat.Shen, GG; Chan, KC; Wong, KK; Yeung, SM; Lee, HK; Li, G; Mak, HY; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2005108
Long-term outcomes of 231 patients with Essential Thrombocythemia: Prognostic factors to bleeding, thrombosis, myelofibrosis and leukaemia (Oral Presentation)Chim, JCS; Kwong, YL; Lie, AKW; Mak, SK; Chan, CC; Wong, LG; Kho, BCS; Lee, HK; Sim, JPY; Chan, CH; Chan, JCW; Yeung, YM; Law, M; Liang, RHS2005104
Cerium(III) and neodymium(III) amides derived from a chelating 2-pyridyl amido ligandKui, SCF; Li, HW; Lee, HK200364
Synthesis and crystal structures of monomeric diamidonickel(II) complexesLee, HK; Yu, P; Kui, SCF; Zhang, ZY; Zhou, ZY; Mak, TCW200060
Sequential inactivation of rdxA (hp0954) and frxA (HP0642) nitroreductase genes causes moderate and high-level metronidazole resistance in Helicobacter pyloriJeong, JY; Mukhopadhyay, AK; Dailidiene, D; Wang, Y; Velapatino, B; Gilman, RH; Parkinson, AJ; Nair, GB; Wong, BCY; Shiu Kum Lam; Mistry, R; Segal, I; Yuan, Y; Gao, H; Alarcon, T; Brea, ML; Ito, Y; Kersulyte, D; Lee, HK; Gong, Y; Goodwin, A; Hoffman, PS; Berg, DE2000271
Photophysics and photochemical reactivities of organocopper(I) complexes. Crystal structure of [Cu2(PPh2Me)4(μ,η 1-C≡CPh)2]Yam, VWW; Lee, WK; Cheung, KK; Lee, HK; Leung, WP199656
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