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Decreased adhesiveness, resistance to anoikis and suppression of GRP94 are integral to the survival of circulating tumor cells in prostate cancerHoward, EW; Leung, SCL; Yuen, HF; Chua, CW; Lee, DT; Chan, KW; Wang, X; Wong, YC2008124
Evidence of a novel docetaxel sensitizer, garlic-derived S-allylmercaptocysteine, as a treatment option for hormone refractory prostate cancerHoward, EW; Lee, DT; Yung, TC; Chee, WC; Wang, X; Yong, CW2008135
Identification of a novel function of Twist, a bHLH protein, in the development of acquired taxol resistance in human cancer cellsWang, X; Ling, MT; Guan, XY; Tsao, SW; Cheung, HW; Lee, DT; Wong, YC2004114
Id-1 expression induces androgen-independent prostate cancer cell growth through activation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R)Ling, MT; Wang, X; Lee, DT; Tam, PC; Tsao, SW; Wong, YC200497
A Parallel Algorithm for Finding the Constrained Voronoi Diagram of Line Segments in the PlaneChin, FYL; Lee, DT; Wang, CA199995
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