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Towards a reassessment of the role of divorce in suicide outcomes: evidence from five pacific rim populationsYip, PSF; Chen, YY; Yousuf, S; Lee, CKM; Kawano, K; Routley, V; Ben Park, BCB; Yamauchi, T; Tachimori, H; Clapperton, A; Wu, KCC2012108
Reengineering elderly community services: a Hong Kong experienceLee, CKM; Law, CK; Ho, LS2010173
The possible impacts of urban redevelopment on Social Support Networks in four old urban districts in Hong Kong and the implications to urban renewal strategiesLee, CKM; Law, CK; Ho, L2010100
Sustainable development in urban renewal in Hong Kong: a social assessmentHo, DCW; Law, CK; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, CKM; Ko, SF; Yip, HK; Kwan, AKH2010247
Study report of the urban renewal policies in Asian cities for the Urban Renewal Strategy ReviewLaw, CK; Chan, JCW; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, CKM; Chau, FLY2009208
Strategic logistics outsourcing: An integrated QFD and AHP approachHo, W; Bennett, DJ; Mak, KL; Chuah, KB; Lee, CKM; Hall, MJ200991
Design and implementation of a process optimizer: A case study on monitoring molding operationsLau, HCW; Lee, CKM; Ip, WH; Chan, FTS; Leung, RWK2005114
Implementation of logistics information system to support reverse logistics - a case studyLau, HCW; Lee, CKM; Choy, KL; Ip, WH; Chan, FTS; Ip, RWL2004225
Some students still read books in the 21st century: a study of user preferences for print and electronic librariesBodomo, AB; Lam, ML; Lee, CKM200391
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