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Is selective neck irradiation safe for node-negative nasopharyngeal carcinoma?Lee, AWM; Sze, CKH; Ng, WT201322
Secular trends of salted fish consumption and nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a multi-jurisdiction ecological study in 8 regions from 3 continentsLAU, HY; Leung, CM; Chan, YH; Lee, AWM; Kwong, DLW; Lung, ML; Lam, TH201331
Current controversies in radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).Kam, MK; Wong, FC; Kwong, DLW; Sze, CKH; Lee, AWM201319
Predictive factors and radiological features of radiation-induced cranial nerve palsy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma following radical radiotherapyLuk, YS; Shum, JSF; Sze, HCK; Chan, LLK; Ng, WT; Lee, AWM201357
The strength/weakness of the AJCC/UICC staging system (7th edition) for nasopharyngeal cancer and suggestions for future improvementLee, AWM; Ng, WT; Chan, LK; Chan, OSH; Hung, WM; Chan, CC; Cheng, PTC; Sze, H; Lam, TS; Yau, TK201284
Radical radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma in elderly patients: The importance of co-morbidity assessmentSze, HCK; Ng, WT; Chan, OSH; Shum, TCY; Chan, LLK; Lee, AWM201292
Tumor suppressor Alpha B-crystallin (CRYAB) associates with the cadherin/catenin adherens junction and impairs NPC progression-associated propertiesHuang, Z; Cheng, Y; Chiu, PM; Cheung, FMF; Nicholls, JM; Kwong, DLW; Lee, AWM; Zabarovsky, ER; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, HL; Lung, ML2012183
LTBP-2 confers pleiotropic suppression and promotes dormancy in a growth factor permissive microenvironment in nasopharyngeal carcinomaChen, H; Ko, JMY; Wong, VCL; Hyytiainen, M; KeskiOja, J; Chua, D; Nicholls, JM; Cheung, FMF; Lee, AWM; Kwong, DLW; Chiu, PM; Zabarovsky, ER; Tsao, SW; Tao, Q; Kan, R; Chan, SHK; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2012153
The battle against nasopharyngeal cancerLee, AWM; Ng, WT; Chan, YH; Sze, H; Chan, C; Lam, TH201291
RapidArc radiotherapy planning for prostate cancer: Single-arc and double-arc techniques vs. intensity-modulated radiotherapySze, HCK; Lee, MCH; Hung, WM; Yau, TK; Lee, AWM201275
Contemporary epidemiology of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a life course perspectiveChan, WYH; Liang, J; Lung, ML; Kwong, DLW; Lee, AWM; Lam, TH201188
Cost-analysis of XELOX and FOLFOX4 for treatment of colorectal cancer to assist decision-making on reimbursementTse, VC; Ng, WT; Lee, V; Lee, AWM; Chua, DTT; Chau, J; McGhee, SM2011167
Toxicity of docetaxel plus cyclophosphamide as adjuvant therapy for breast cancer in Chinese patients - The Hong Kong experienceYau, TK; Ng, TY; Soong, IS; Choi, CW; Lam, kO; Ng, AWY; Lee, AWM; Tung, Y2009203
Should young age be a contra-indication to breast conservation treatment in Chinese women? Twelve-year experience from a public cancer centre in Hong KongYau, TK; Choi, CW; Sze, H; Soong, IS; Lee, AWM200952
Trends and Patterns of Breast Conservation Treatment in Hong Kong: 1994-2007Yau, TK; Soong, IS; Sze, H; Choi, CW; Yeung, MW; Ng, WT; Lee, AWM200954
HER2 overexpression of breast cancers in Hong Kong: Prevalence and concordance between immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridisation assaysYau, TK; Sze, H; Soong, IS; Hioe, F; Khoo, US; Lee, AWM2008220
Authors' replyYau, TK; Sze, H; Soong, IS; Lee, AWM; Khoo, US200879
Dose-response relationship of nasopharyngeal carcinoma above conventional tumoricidal level: A study by the Hong Kong nasopharyngeal carcinoma study group (HKNPCSG)Teo, PML; Leung, SF; Tung, SY; Zee, B; Sham, JST; Lee, AWM; Lau, WH; Kwan, WH; Leung, TW; Chua, D; Sze, WM; Au, JSK; Yu, KH; O, SK; Kwong, D; Yau, TK; Law, SCK; Sze, WK; Au, G; Chan, ATC2006107
Treatment results for nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the modern era: The Hong Kong experienceLee, AWM; Sze, WM; Au, JSK; Leung, SF; Leung, TW; Chua, DTT; Zee, BCY; Law, SCK; Teo, PML; Tung, SY; Kwong, DLW; Lau, WH2005146
Factors affecting risk of symptomatic temporal lobe necrosis: Significance of fractional dose and treatment timeLee, AWM; Kwong, DLW; Leung, SF; Tung, SY; Sze, WM; Sham, JST; Teo, PML; Leung, TW; Wu, PM; Chappell, R; Peters, LJ; Fowler, JF2002122
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