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Physical activity for cancer survivors: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.
BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
BMJ Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Fong, DY; Ho, JW; Hui, BP; Lee, AM; Macfarlane, DJ; Leung, SS; Cerin, E; Chan, WY; Leung, IP; Lam, SH; Taylor, AJ; Cheng, KK2012390
Younger patients with colorectal cancer are more distressed: the role of body image and negative support
11th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress, Hong Kong, November 2004
Lee, AM; Tang, VYH; Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY; Ho, JWC2004248
The Effectiveness of an Eastern Body-Mind-Spirit Group Intervention for Chinese Breast Cancer Patients: Some Qualitative Findings
Paper presented at the Hong Kong International Congress of Cancer
Lee, AM; Chan, CLW; Ho, TH; Ho, SMY; Chow, LWC; Fu, W2003132
Multiple supernumerary premolars: their occurrence in three patients.
Australian Dental Journal
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.. The Journal's web site is located at
King, NM; Lee, AM; Wan, PK1993214
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