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Alpha(1) Antitrypsin phenotypic variability is not associated with ANCA in southern ChineseLee, SS; Lawton, JWM; Ko, KH2001166
α-1 antitrypsin phenotypes by isoelectric focusing in a metropolitan southern Chinese populationLee, SS; Lawton, JWM; Ko, KH; Lam, KM; Lin, CK2001236
Comparison of counter immunoelectrophoresis with immunoblotting for detection of anti-extractable nuclear antigen antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosusChan, EYT; Mok, TMY; Lawton, JWM; Ko, OKH; Ho, L; Lau, CS199984
Measurement of anti-dsDNA: A comparative study of two ELISA and the Crithidia assayWong, KH; Lawton, JWM; Cheng, SKL; Lee, SS; Lau, CS1998123
The use of anti-ribosomal P antibodies in the diagnosis of cerebral lupus: superiority of western blotting over enzyme-linnked immunosorbent assayChan, EYT; Ko, OKH; Lawton, JWM; Lau, WCS1998211
Autoantibody formation after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: Correlation with the reconstruction of CD5 + B cells and occurrence of graft-versus-host diseaseChan, EYT; Lawton, JWM; Lie, AKW; Lau, CS1997109
Use of anti-ribosomal P antibody in diagnosis of cerebral lupus: superiority of western blotting over elisaLee, KW; Chan, EYT; Ko, OKH; Lawton, JWM; Wong, RWS; Lau, WCS1997184
Antimyeloperoxidase antibody in Chinese patients in Hong Kong: a five-year reviewLee, SS; Lawton, JWM1996140
Lymphocyte subsets and serum immunoglobulins in patients with premature ovarian failure before and after oestrogen replacementHo, PC; Tang, GWK; Lawton, JWM199342
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody and gallium lung scintiscan in usual interstitial pneumonitisLau, YL; Tam, AYC; Yeung, HWD; Fu, KH; Lawton, JWM199258
Defective neutrophil and lymphocyte function in leucocyte adhesion deficiencyLau, YL; Low, LCK; Jones, BM; Lawton, JWM199176
Chronic granulomatous disease: A different pattern in Hong Kong?Lau, YL; Wong, SN; Lawton, JWM; Chow, CB199154
Lymphocyte subsets in patients with oestrogen deficiencyHo, PC; Tang, GWK; Lawton, JWM199153
A controlled trial of Bestatin in hydatidiform moleHo, PC; Wong, LC; Lawton, JWM; Ma, HK199053
Recurrent infections associated with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencyLau, YL; Samuda, GM; Yeung, CY; Lawton, JWM199044
Immunologic studies in patients with premature ovarian failureHo, PC; Tang, GWK; Fu, KH; Fan, MC; Lawton, JWM198856
A histopathological study of pulmonary infection of mice with Mycobacterium lepraemuriumHa, DKK; Lawton, JWM; Collins, RJ198874
T-cell subsets and natural killer cell activity in patients with gestational trophoblastic neoplasiaHo, PC; Lawton, JWM; Wong, LC; Ma, HK198653
Further studies on immunological parameters in gestational trophoblastic neoplasiaHo, PC; Wong, LC; Lawton, JWM; Ma, HK198452
Mixed lymphocyte reaction in gestational trophoblastic disease: Presence of a specific plasma inhibitor of the response to paternal alloantigensHo, PC; Wong, LC; Lawton, JWM; Ma, HK198437
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