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Selective overexpression of human SIRT1 in adipose tissue enhances energy homeostasis and prevents the deterioration of insulin sensitivity with ageing in miceXu, C; Bai, B; Fan, P; Cai, Y; Huang, B; Law, KM; Liu, L; Xu, A; Tung, CL; Li, XC; Siu, AFM; Che, CM; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201394
Lipocalin-2 deficiency protects hearts against ischemia/reperfusion injuryYang, B; Xu, A; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Law, KM; Zhou, M; Wang, Y201080
Endothelial dysfunctions induced by aging and diet-induced obesity is attenuated in lipocalin-2 knockout miceLiu, TC; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Man, RYK; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Mak, TW; Law, KM; Tse, HF; Liang, C; Wang, Y2009143
Lipocalin 2-deficiency attenuates insulin resistance induced by high fat diet and aging through regulation of lipid metabolism and inflammation in adipose tissueLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Liu, TC; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Zhang, MXM; Wang, Y200994
Protection from obesity-induced insulin resistance in mice lacking lipocalin-2Law, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, THORSTEN; Mak, TAK; Liu, TC; Sweeney, GARY; Zhou, M; Wang, Y2009102
Lipocalin-2 deficiency attenuates endothelial dysfunction associated with aging and obesityLiu, TC; Xu, A; Man, RYK; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Mak, T.W.; Law, KM; Wang, Y2009120
Mice Lacking Lipocalin-2 are Protected from Developing Insulin Resistance Associated with Aging and ObesityLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Liu, TC; Sweeney, G; Zhou, M; Wang, Y200986
SARS coronavirus and apoptosis.Chow, KY; Yeung, YS; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Law, KM; Leung, FC200859
Mice lacking lipicalin-2 show increased insulin sensitivity and are resistant to high fat diet- and genetic obesity-induced insulin resistance and diabetesLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Liu, TC; Berger, T; Mak, T.W.; Zhang, M.X.M.; Wang, Y200895
Cloning and characterization of chicken growth hormone binding protein (cGHBP)Lau, JS; Yip, CW; Law, KM; Leung, FC2007117
Prenatal two- and three-dimensional sonographic diagnosis of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection [1]Law, KM; Leung, KY; Tang, MHY; Chau, AKT200730
Quantitative comparison of the efficiency of antibodies against S1 and S2 subunit of SARS coronavirus spike protein in virus neutralization and blocking of receptor binding: Implications for the functional roles of S2 subunitZeng, F; Hon, CC; Yip, CW; Law, KM; Yeung, YS; Chan, KH; Malik Peiris, JS; Leung, FCC2006124
Adenovirus-mediated expression of the C-terminal domain of SARS-CoV spike protein is sufficient to induce apoptosis in Vero E6 cellsChow, KYC; Yeung, YS; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Law, KM; Leung, FCC2005151
Characterization of humoral responses in mice immunized with plasmid DNAs encoding SARS-CoV spike gene fragmentsZeng, F; Chow, KYC; Hon, CC; Law, KM; Yip, CW; Chan, KH; Peiris, JSM; Leung, FCC2004117
Hb Kodaira II: a high oxygen affinity variant with a novel mutation in the β-globin gene and phenotypic identity to Hb KodairaSo, CC; Ma, SK; Law, KM; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Wong, KF200270
Selective foeticide in Hong Kong: lawful or not?Leung, KY; Lau, WL; Law, KM2001107
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