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Identifying first seeders in foxy peer to peer networksIeong, R; Lai, P; Chow, KP; Kwan, M; Law, F201097
Identifying volatile data from multiple memory dumps in live forensicsLaw, F; Chan, P; Yiu, SM; Tang, B; Lai, P; Chow, KP; Ieong, R; Kwan, M; Hon, WK; Hui, L201099
Evaluation of evidence in internet auction fraud investigationsKwan, M; Overill, R; Chow, KP; Silomon, J; Tse, H; Law, F; Lai, P2010236
Reasoning about evidence using Bayesian networksKwan, M; Chow, KP; Law, F; Lai, P200896
Homocysteine levels in Chinese patients with ischaemic heart disease and hypertensionCheung, B; Law, F; O, K; Man, R; Lau, CP2002111
Where to find my next passenger? An examination of factors determining taxi drivers' time of searching for passengersWang, D; Law, F; Wong, SC; Yang, H2002135
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