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Role of MIF/CXCL8/CXCR2 signaling in the growth of nasoharyngeal carcinoma tumour spheresLo, MC; Yip, TC; Ngan, KC; Cheng, WW; Law, CK; Chan, PS; Chan, KC; Wong, RN; Lo, KW; Ng, WT; Lee, VM; Kwong, DLW; Lung, ML; Mak, NK201341
Psychological factors associated with the incidence and persistence of suicidal ideationZhang, Y; Law, CK; Yip, PSF2011123
The economic and potential years of life lost from suicide in Taiwan, 1997-2007Law, CK; Yip, PSF; Chen, YY201190
An economic evaluation of setting up physical barriers in railway stations for preventing railway injury: Evidence from Hong KongLaw, CK; Yip, PSF201194
The contribution of charcoal burning to the rise and decline of suicides in Hong Kong from 1997-2007Law, CK; Yip, PSF; Caine, ED2011144
Assessing the quantitative impact of suicide on life expectancy in Hong Kong: 1986-2006Law, CK; Yip, PSF; Huo, Y2010179
Restricting the means of suicide by charcoal burningYip, PSF; Law, CK; Fu, KW; Law, YW; Wong, PWC; Xu, Y2010321
Evaluating the effectiveness of barrier installation for preventing railway suicides in Hong KongLaw, CK; Yip, PSF; Chan, WSC; Fu, KW; Wong, PWC; Law, YW2009345
Suicidality in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong: The role of family and cultural influencesChan, WSC; Law, CK; Liu, KY; Wong, PWC; Law, YW; Yip, PSF2009304
Years of Life Lost from Suicide in China, 1990-2000Yip, PSF; Liu, KY; Law, CK200893
TaiwanChao, A; Law, CK; Li, PC; Yip, PSF2008104
Hong KongLaw, CK; Yip, PSF2008126
Ultra-low low fertility in Hong Kong: a review of related demographic transitions, social issues and policies practices to encourage childbirthsYip, PSF; Law, CK; Cheung, KSL2008161
Housing, Households and Population: Working Across Policy DomainsLaw, CK; Walker, RM; Yip, PSF2007131
Views on DSA continuing education: the dentists' & dental surgery assistants' perspectiveWong, MCM; Chen, A; Lau, KL; Law, CK; Ng, PC; Tang, HY; Wong, TS2007120
Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts in a population-based study of Chinese people: Risk attributable to hopelessness, depression, and social factorsYin Bun Cheung; Law, CK; Chan, B; Ka Yuet Liu; Yip, PSF2006140
Implications of the demographic transitionYip, PSF; Lee, J; Law, CK2006169
Incidence and spectrum of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Chinese migrants to British ColumbiaAu, WY; Gascoyne, RD; Klasa, RB; Connors, JM; Gallagher, RP; Le, ND; Loong, F; Law, CK; Liang, R2005116
Social and economic burden of suicides in Hong Kong SAR: A year of life lost perspectiveYip, P; Liu, KY; Law, CK; Law, YW2005166
Report of Cancer Expert Working Group on Cancer Prevention and ScreeningLam, TH; Leung, PY; Foo, W; Law, CK; Hwang, J; Lau, E; Leung, GM; Tang, JL; Tsang, L; Fabrizio, C; Moore, A; Hu, A; Sadler, K; Tsang, T; Tse, LY2004275
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