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Syntactic skills in sentence reading comprehension among Chinese elementary school childrenChik, PP; Ho, CS; Yeung, P; Chan, DW; Chung, KK; Luan, H; Lo, L; Lau, WS2012269
Role of monoamine oxidases in the exaggerated 5-hydroxytryptamine-induced tension development of human isolated preeclamptic umbilical arterySeto, SW; Lam, HY; Lau, WS; Au, ALS; Lam, TY; Chim, SSC; Ngai, SM; Chan, SW; Leung, TY; Yeung, JHK; Kong, SK; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Kwan, YW2009139
Shape recovery from turntable sequence using rim reconstructionZhong, H; Lau, WS; Sze, WF; Hung, YS2008456
Teachers’ acceptance of peer coaching: Impact of collegiality and goal orientation.Lam, SF; Lau, WS2008113
Shape recovery from turntable image sequenceZhong, H; Lau, WS; Sze, WF; Hung, YS200763
Enzymatic synthesis and bioactivity of estradiol derivative conjugates with different amino acidsYan, AX; Chan, RYK; Lau, WS; Lee, KS; Wong, MS; Xing, GW; Tian, GL; Ye, YH200561
Method for the design and analysis of a non-linear anisotropic lower limb prosthetic socketSoh, AK; Soh, CK; Lau, WS199065
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