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Dynamic regulation of c-KIT population in neuroblastomaLau, ST; Kwok, CKM; Tam, PKH; Ngan, ESW201187
Hedgehog/notch-induced premature gliogenesis represents a new disease mechanism for Hirschsprung disease in mice and humansNgan, ESW; GarciaBarceló, MM; Yip, BHK; Poon, HC; Lau, ST; Kwok, CKM; Sat, E; Sham, MH; Wong, KKY; Wainwright, BJ; Cherny, SS; Hui, CC; Sham, PC; Lui, VCH; Tam, PKH20112,588
Prokineticin-1 promotes growth of neuroblastoma tumor initiating cellsLau, ST; Wo, YH; Kaplan, DR; Tam, PKH; Ngan, ESW201095
Prokineticin-1 in malignant neuroblastoma subpopulations and tumor progressionLau, ST; Wo, JYH; Kaplan, DR; Tam, PKH; Ngan, ESW201038
A new ECG criterion to identify takotsubo cardiomyopathy from anterior myocardial infarction: Role of inferior leadsJim, MH; Chan, AOO; Tsui, PT; Lau, ST; Siu, CW; Chow, WH; Lau, CP2009155
The Hong Kong diastolic heart failure study: A randomised controlled trial of diuretics, irbesartan and ramipril on quality of life, exercise capacity, left ventricular global and regional function in heart failure with a normal ejection fractionYip, GWK; Wang, M; Wang, T; Chan, S; Fung, JWH; Yeung, L; Yip, T; Lau, ST; Lau, CP; Tang, MO; Yu, CM; Sanderson, J2008154
Possible Central Nervous System Infection by SARS CoronavirusLau, KK; Yu, WC; Chu, CM; Lau, ST; Sheng, B; Yuen, KY200492
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