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Hepatitis B virus X gene in the development of hepatocellular carcinomaMa, NF; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Dong, SS; Guan, XY2011103
Overexpression of eukaryotic initiation factor 5A2 enhances cell motility and promotes tumor metastasis in hepatocellular carcinomaTang, DJ; Dong, SS; Ma, NF; Xie, D; Chen, L; Fu, L; Lau, SH; Li, Y; Guan, XY2010146
Overexpression of clusterin correlates with tumor progression, metastasis in gastric cancer: A study on tissue microarraysBi, J; Guo, AL; Lai, YR; Li, B; Zhong, JM; Wu, HQ; Xie, Z; He, YL; Lv, ZL; Lau, SH; Wang, Q; Huang, XH; Zhang, LJ; Wen, JM; Guan, XY20101,477
Overexpression of YKL-40 is an independent prognostic marker in gastric cancerBi, J; Lau, SH; Lv, ZL; Xie, D; Li, W; Lai, YR; Zhong, JM; Wu, Hq; Su, Q; He, Yl; Zhan, WH; Wen, JM; Guan, XY2009137
Identification and characterization of a novel melanoma tumor suppressor gene on human chromosome 6q21Fung, JMW; Smith, R; Brown, MA; Lau, SH; Xie, D; Lau, GK; Guan, XY2009145
Downregulation of ZIP kinase is associated with tumor invasion, metastasis and poor prognosis in gastric cancerBi, J; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Rao, HL; Liu, HB; Zhan, WH; Chen, G; Wen, JM; Wang, Q; Li, B; Guan, XY2009405
COOH-terminal truncated HBV X protein plays key role in hepatocarcinogenesisNingFang, M; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Xie, D; Wu, J; Yang, J; Wang, Y; Wu, MC; Fung, J; Bai, X; Tzang, CH; Fu, L; Yang, M; Su, YA; Guan, XY2008280
Clusterin plays an important role in hepatocellular carcinoma metastasisLau, SH; Sham, JST; Xie, D; Tzang, CH; Tang, D; Ma, N; Hu, L; Wang, Y; Wen, JM; Xiao, G; Zhang, WM; Lau, GKK; Yang, M; Guan, XY2006135
Rationalize contemporary sourcing business by supply chain Leadership : Case for Apparel IndustryLau, SH; Ho, M; Yen, BP2006111
11 Role of hepatitis B surface antigen in hepatocarcinogenesisGuan, XY; Lau, SH; Wang, Y2005124
Cytogenetic and molecular genetic alterations in hepatocellular carcinomaLau, SH; Guan, XY2005116
Oncogenic role of clusterin overexpression in multistage colorectal tumorigenesis and progressionXie, D; Sham, JST; Zeng, WF; Che, LH; Zhang, M; Wu, HX; Lin, HL; Wen, JM; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Guan, XY2005164
The relationship between hypertension and anxiety or depression in Hong Kong ChineseCheung, BMY; Au, THY; Chan, SY; Lam, CM; Lau, SH; Lee, RP; Lee, SF; Lo, WS; Sin, EHF; Tang, MY; Tsang, HH2005239
Oncogenic role of eIF-5A2 in the development of ovarian cancerGuan, XY; Fung, JMW; Ma, NF; Lau, SH; Tai, LS; Xie, D; Zhang, Y; Hu, L; Wu, QL; Fang, Y; Sham, JST2004128
Association of Vimentin overexpression and hepatocellular carcinoma metastasisHu, L; Lau, SH; Tzang, CH; Wen, JM; Wang, W; Xie, D; Huang, M; Wang, Y; Wu, MC; Huang, JF; Zeng, WF; Sham, JST; Yang, M; Guan, XY2004155
Characterization of HBV integrants in 14 hepatocellular carcinomas: Association of truncated X gene and hepatocellular carcinogenesisWang, Y; Lau, SH; Sham, JST; Wu, MC; Wang, T; Guan, XY2004375
Occurrence of hepatitis E virus IgM, low avidity IgG serum antibodies, and viremia in sporadic cases of non-A, -B, and -C acute hepatitisZhang, JZ; Im, SWK; Lau, SH; Chau, TN; Lai, ST; Ng, SP; Peiris, M; Tse, C; Ng, TK; Ng, MH2002135
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