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Treatment outcomes and implication of complete response on PET scan after first-line cetuximab-xelox in Chinese patients with Kras wild-type metastatic colorectal cancerLam, KO; Ho, PY; Lau, KS; Lee, VHF; Liu, KY; Leung, TW; Kwong, DLW201336
Megahertz-scan-rate quantitative tissue imaging by interferometric time-stretch microscopyLau, KS; Wong, TW; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201332
Genetic variant in vitamin D binding protein is associated with serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and vitamin D insufficiency in southern ChineseCheung, CL; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC201330
Genetic variants in GREM2 are associated with bone mineral density in a southern Chinese populationCheung, CL; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC201318
Genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for thyrotoxic periodic paralysis at 17q24.3Cheung, CL; Lau, KS; Ho, AYY; Lee, KK; Tiu, SC; Lau, EYF; Leung, J; Tsang, MW; Chan, KW; Yeung, CY; Woo, YC; Cheung, EYN; Hung, VHF; Pang, HK; Hung, CS; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2012109
Post-genome wide association studies and functional analyses identify association of MPP7 gene variants with site-specific bone mineral densityXiao, SM; Kung, AWC; Gao, Y; Lau, KS; Ma, A; Zhang, ZL; Liu, JM; Xia, W; He, JW; Zhao, L; Nie, M; Fu, WZ; Zhang, MJ; Sun, J; Kwan, JSH; Tso, GHW; Dai, ZJ; Cheung, CL; Bow, CH; Leung, AYH; Tan, KCB; Sham, PC2012146
Optical time-stretch confocal microscopy at 1umWong, TW; Lau, KS; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM2012234
Safety and efficacy of cetuximab-XELOX combination in the first-line treatment of Kras wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer-QMH experienceLam, KO; Lau, KS; Ho, PY; Lee, VHF; Choy, TS; Liu, RKY; Kwong, DLW; Leung, TW201299
Association of CDX1 binding site of periostin gene with bone mineral density and vertebral fracture riskXiao, SM; Gao, Y; Cheung, CL; Bow, CH; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC2012162
Association of Cdx1 Binding Site of Periostin Gene with Bone Mineral Density and Vertebral Fracture RiskXiao, S; Gao, Y; Cheung, CL; Bow, CHY; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC2011180
Heritability of Serum OsteoprotegerinKwan, JSH; Xiao, S; Bow, C; Cheung, CL; Soong, C; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2011328
A man with hypophosphataemiaLam, JK; Lam, CW; Kung, AW; Tan, KC; Lau, KS; Lam, KS2011255
Sodium/myo-inositol cotransporter 1 and myo-inositol are essential for osteogenesis and bone formationDai, Z; Chung, SK; Miao, D; Lau, KS; Chan, AWH; Kung, AWC2011202
Identification of QTL genes for BMD variation using both linkage and gene-based association approachesLi, GHY; Cheung, CL; Xiao, SM; Lau, KS; Gao, Y; Bow, CH; Huang, QY; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2011144
Bone mineral density and serum osteoprotegerin levels in pre- and postmenopausal womenBow, CHY; Cheung, CL; Gao, Y; Lau, KS; Soong, CSS; Yeung, SSC; Kung, AWC2010157
Association of JAG1 gene and its variant sequence with bone mineral density and osteoporotic fractures: a genome-wide association study and follow-up replication studiesXiao, S; Cherny, SS; Li, GHY; Gao, Y; Tso, HW; Lau, KS; Luk, KDK; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2010140
Association of JAG1 with Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporotic Fractures: A Genome-wide Association Study and Follow-up Replication StudiesKung, AWC; Xiao, SM; Cherny, S; Li, GHY; Gao, Y; Tso, G; Lau, KS; Luk, KDK; Liu, Jm; Cui, B; Zhang, MJ; Zhang, Zl; He, Jw; Yue, H; Xia, Wb; Luo, Lm; He, Sl; Kiel, DP; Karasik, D; Hsu, YH; Cupples, LA; Demissie, S; Styrkarsdottir, U; Halldorsson, BV; Sigurdsson, G; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Stefansson, K; Richards, JB; Zhai, G; Soranzo, N; Valdes, A; Spector, TD; Sham, PC2010664
Factors Associated With A Lower Quality Of Life Among Patients Receiving Palliative CareChui, YY; Kuan, HY; Fu, CY; Liu, RKY; Sham, MK; Lau, KS2009118
Factors associated with lower quality of life among patients receiving palliative careChui, YY; Kuan, HY; Fu, ICY; Liu, RKY; Sham, MK; Lau, KS200976
Increased fetal abortion rate in autoimmune thyroid disease is related to circulating TPO autoantibodies in an autoimmune thyroiditis animal modelLee, YL; Ng, HP; Lau, KS; Liu, WM; O, WS; Yeung, WSB; Kung, AWC2009212
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