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SOX9 governs differentiation stage-specific gene expression in growth plate chondrocytes via direct concomitant transactivation and repressionLeung, VYL; Gao, B; Leung, KKH; Melhado, IG; Wynn, SL; Au, TYK; Dung, NWF; Lau, JYB; Mak, ACY; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE2011475
Identifying transcriptional regulatory elements directing hypertrophic chondrocyte-specific expression of Col10a1Leung, YL; Dung, WF; Lau, JYB; Leung, KKH; Cheah, KSE200462
Perlecan compartmentalizes collagen X in the mammalian growth plate.Cheah, KSE; Niewiadomska, AK; Dung, WF; Lau, JYB; Hunziker, E; Aszodi, A; Gustafsson, E; Yamada, Y; Zhou, Z; Tryggvason, K; Chan, D200475
Mammary gland-specific secretion of biologically active immunosuppressive agent cytotoxic-T-lymphocyte antigen 4 human immunoglobulin fusion protein (CTLA4Ig) in milk by transgenesisLui, VCH; Tam, PKH; Leung, MYK; Lau, JYB; Chan, JKY; Chan, VSF; Dallman, M; Cheah, KSE2003125
Regulatory role of Sox9 in chondrocyte hypertrophyLeung, YL; Lau, JYB; Dung, WF; Cheah, KSE200253
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