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Enhanced detection of early hepatocellular carcinoma by serum SELDI-TOF proteomic signature combined with alpha-fetoprotein markerChen, L; Ho, DWY; Lee, NPY; Sun, S; Lam, B; Wong, KF; Yi, X; Lau, GK; Ng, EWY; Poon, TCW; Lai, PBS; Cai, Z; Peng, J; Leng, X; Poon, RTP; Luk, JM2010287
Hepatitis B virus-specific CD4 T cell immunity after liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis BLuo, Y; Lo, CM; Cheung, CK; Lau, GK; Wong, J2009165
Identification and characterization of a novel melanoma tumor suppressor gene on human chromosome 6q21Fung, JMW; Smith, R; Brown, MA; Lau, SH; Xie, D; Lau, GK; Guan, XY2009145
Acute-on-chronic liver failure: Consensus recommendations of the Asian Pacific Association for the study of the liver (APASL)Sarin, SK; Kumar, A; Almeida, JA; Chawla, YK; Fan, ST; Garg, H; Silva, JH; Hamid, SS; Jalan, R; Komolmit, P; Lau, GK; Liu, Q; Madan, K; Mohamed, R; Ning, Q; Rahman, S; Rastogi, A; Riordan, SM; Sakhuja, P; Samuel, D; Shah, S; Sharma, BC; Sharma, P; Takikawa, Y; Thapa, BR; Wai, CT; Yuen, MF2009645
Comparative proteomic analysis of mouse livers from embryo to adult reveals an association with progression of hepatocellular carcinomaLee, NPY; Leung, KW; Cheung, N; Lam, BY; Xu, MZ; Sham, PC; Lau, GK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST; Luk, JM2008126
Association of mortalin (HSPA9) with liver cancer metastasis and prediction for early tumor recurrenceYi, X; Luk, JM; Lee, NP; Peng, J; Leng, X; Guan, XY; Lau, GK; Beretta, L; Fan, ST200894
Retracted: outcome and immune reconstitution of HBV-specific immunity in patients with reactivation of occult HBV infection after alemtuzumab-containing chemotherapy regimen.Hui, CK; Cheung, WW; Leung, KW; Cheng, VCC; Tang, BSF; Li, IWS; Luk, JM; Lee, NP; Kwong, YL; Au, WY; Yuen, KY; Lau, GK; Liang, R200885
Hepatic stellate cell-targeted delivery of M6P-HSA-glycyrrhetinic acid attenuates hepatic fibrogenesis in a bile duct ligation rat modelLuk, JM; Zhang, QS; Lee, NP; Wo, JY; Leung, PP; Liu, LX; Hu, MY; Cheung, KF; Hui, CK; Lau, GK; Fan, ST200796
Cell cycle-dependent expression of potassium channels and cell proliferation in rat mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrowDeng, XL; Lau, CP; Lai, K; Cheung, KF; Lau, GK; Li, GR2007146
Identification of hepatitis B virus-specific lymphocytes in human liver grafts from HBV-immune donorsLuo, Y; Lo, CM; Cheung, CK; Lau, GK; Fan, ST; Wong, J200778
Traditional Chinese herbal medicines for treatment of liver fibrosis and cancer: From laboratory discovery to clinical evaluationLuk, JM; Wang, X; Liu, P; Wong, KF; Chan, KL; Tong, Y; Hui, CK; Lau, GK; Fan, ST2007154
Oncoproteomics of hepatocellular carcinoma: From cancer markers' discovery to functional pathwaysSun, S; Lee, NPY; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST; He, QY; Lau, GK; Luk, JM200774
A crucial role for dendritic cell (DC) IL-10 in inhibiting successful DC-based immunotherapy: Superior antitumor immunity against hepatocellular carcinoma evoked by DC devoid of IL-101Chen, YX; Man, K; Guang, SL; Chen, Y; Sun, BS; Cheng, Q; On, HW; Lo, CK; Ng, IO; Li, CC; Lau, GK; Lin, CLS; Huang, F; Huang, FP2007100
Traditional Chinese herbalmedicines for treatmentof liver¢brosis and cancer: fromlaboratorydiscovery to clinical evaluationLuk, JM; Wang, XL; Liu, P; Wong, KF; Chan, KL; Tong, Y; Hui, CK; Lau, GK; Sheung, TF200793
Efficacy of a pre-S containing vaccine in patients receiving lamivudine prophylaxis after liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis BLo, CM; Lau, GK; Chan, SC; Fan, ST; Wong, J2007194
Lentivirus-mediated RNA interference targeting enhancer of zeste homolog 2 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth through down-regulation of stathminChen, Y; Lin, MC; Yao, H; Wang, H; Zhang, AQ; Yu, J; Hui, CK; Lau, GK; He, ML; Sung, J; Kung, HF2007115
ReplyHui, CK; Liang, R; Lau, GK200638
Liver intestine-cadherin (CDH17) haplotype is associated with increased risk of hepatocellular carcinomaXiao, QW; Luk, JM; GarciaBarcelo, M; Miao, X; Leung, PP; Ho, DW; Cheung, ST; Lam, BY; Cheung, CK; Wong, AS; Lau, SS; Man, TS; Wan, CY; Cai, Q; Liu, KS; Chee, KH; Lau, GK; Poon, RTP; Wong, J; Fan, ST2006142
Hepatitis B vaccination and preemptive treatment of hepatitis B virus in liver transplantationHui, CK; Cheung, WW; Chan, SC; Lo, CM; Lau, GK2006141
Fibrosis progression in chronic hepatitis C patients with occult hepatitis B co-infectionHui, CK; Lau, E; Wu, H; Monto, A; Kim, M; Luk, JM; Lau, GK; Wright, TL2006114
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